Create Your Multilingual Website with Ease: Top 20 WPML-ready WordPress Themes

Written by Kevin Liew on 01 Feb 2017
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In the modern days of Internet technologies and Online communication, there is no surprise that our world has turned into a ‘global village’. The trends and news spread instantaneously and capture the minds of people from all over the world. There is no surprise that something you offer may be desired not only in the country of your residence, but all over the world.

Modern delivery methods easily allow worldwide shipping. How the things go when it comes to the most precious commodity of our times – information? Here, what matters is making the contents of your website accessible for people of different countries, no matter what language they speak.

Creating a multilingual website may seem a daring endeavor, as it’s similar to creating many analogous sites to the one that you have. Imagine: if you translate all the contents you your website to four languages in addition to the primary one, then you get four times more contents and it’s so easy to get lost in in them. 

For translation, your website you need an adequate tool that can keep it all clean and structured. If you’re running an blog or a company website, an ideal solution would be choosing to run a WordPress website and using WPML plugin to make it multilingual.

WordPress is the CMS that can adopt to the specifics of literally every industry, be it fashion, entertainment, construction, cars, real estate, etc. The simplest way to adopt you WordPress website to the needs of the industry that you’re working in is to choose the template created specifically for this industry. There are many possibilities for this, and you can check out an extensive collection of WordPress templates using this link.

The second ingredient of a successful multilingual website is WPML plugin. Let me just give you some points of why this plugin is the best solution for building a multilingual website. WPLM was the first plugin to offer a multi-language solution for WordPress. It has the longest history of development and the quality of its functioning proves this. The team of WPML regularly releases updates and improvements adopting to the needs of modern clients. Moreover, they offer great support and the operators are ready to personally address all the difficulties with the plugin that you might experience. The fact that is not least important, WPML will satisfy all your needs it terms of your website translation. For this, WPML is built not as a single plugin, but as an array of plugins, such as WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management, WPML Translation Analytics, etc. There is much more to tell about this awesome plugin. For more information, please check the following link.

Now, you know the two ingredients of a successful multilingual website. It comes to the question of how to effectively bring them together. A perfect solution for this was developed by TemplateMonster team. TemplateMonster is one of the well-established companies on the market that offer templates running on the variety of CMS and E-Commerce engines. In 2016 they sold more than a million templates, which sound really impressive.

In this post, we want to share with you the Top 20 of the WPML-ready templates. With them, you can go for bright colors or subtle palette, dramatic accents or light shimmer, complicated luxury or minimalistic simplicity. Whatever you choose, you get a topnotch template that incorporates all the advances of modern webdesign!

Your Supreme Template: Monstroid2 Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

Monstroid 2 is one of the most influential events of winter 2017. It is the improved version of the famous Monstroid template. Developing Monstroid 2 took almost a year and it went far beyond what the first Monstroid is. Monstroid 2 boasts of clean and minimalistic design, functional layout and interactive navigation. It’s got 9 prebuilt websites in it and you can switch between them or use them for different websites. The template’s got a Live Builder, so you can immediately see the changes that you apply. Moreover, it comes with a dozen of inbuilt plugins that provide for all the functions of this modern template, and even let you run a store on its basis.

What is more important, Monstroid 2 comes under the GPL license. What does this mean? Let’s see. Under the terms of GPL license you can install Monsroid 2 on the unlimited number of domains, you can modify the source code of the template up to your wish and you can use pieces of its code in other projects. This means, once you purchase it, you can use it for lifetime on different websites.

To learn more about Monstroid 2 and what concepts lie behind its creation, you can check this video:

Best Financial Advice WordPress Template

Financial Accounting WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

This template of the clean blue-and-white design is full of the latest webdesign advances. It comes with the Live Customizer that allows you immediately see the changes that you apply to the template. Moreover, it comes with a Power Page Builder that frees you from editing the code of the template and allows you to design diverse page layouts with simple drag-and-drop. In addition to this, it’s got a Sidebar manager that lets you create new widget areas with ease.

Handcrafted Accessories WPML Ready WordPress Website

Handmade Jewelry WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

This soft-colored template is a perfect combination of style and functionality. It is ideal for creating a portfolio of you works. For this, the template comes with a Cherry Projects plugin. This plugin allows creating a filterable gallery of your projects in a matter of minutes. The gallery can be filtered by tags or by categories. You can choose among many layout and animation options and further customize the display of your Gallery with Advanced Theme Options.

Strategy of Success: Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

This template boasts of the ‘golden middle’ combination of ease of use and rich functionality. Each page can be transformed to the degree you wish, with the simple drag-and-drop used to move the elements to the desired positions. This template is also MailChimp ready and you’ll be able to set up newsletter subscription for your clients with ease. Moreover, the rich set of Social options makes clients follow you in Social networks.

Pleasure of Reading: Book Publishing WordPress Site

Book Publishing WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

Reading is a solitary activity that makes us meet the new worlds and universes, and experience what we’ve never experienced. For reading, we need calm and cozy atmosphere, so that nothing distracts us from enjoying the process. This template for a book publishing company breathes with the gist of reading. The template is built with Power – drag-and-drop page builder that gives you full freedom of creating mosaic page layouts of any kind. What is more, the theme is supplied with a number of content modules that allow you to present your website contents in a number of not-so-obvious ways, such as accordions, tabs, graphs, diagrams, blurbs, etc.

Modern Exterior Design WordPress Site

Exterior Design Company WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

This Exterior Design template allows you to be creative not only in exterior, but also in webdesign. Cherry Projects plugin allows building animated galleries of your projects with custom layouts and customizable filters. Custom Widgets, such as Simple Slider, Post Carousel and Social Media widgets let you creatively change the way your website contents are displayed and strengthen your online presence. Lightweight Cherry Sidebars plugin allows you create custom sidebars that manifold outperform standard sidebars.

Recipes You Love: Food Blog WordPress Site Design

Food And Beverages WP Theme

Details    Demo

This mouthwatering template comes with a set of premium widgets that allow you to create original versatile layouts and present contents in an interactive way. You can create post carousels, image grids and category tiles with the help of an intuitive WYSIWYG Customizer. The changes can be previewed once they are made, which frees you from constant page reloading. The theme is SEO-friendly, and promoting your website is not a big deal as search engines take it seriously and give it high rankings in search results.

Remi Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Photographer WP Theme

Details    Demo

Remi Photographer Portfolio is inspired by clear-cut geometrical shapes and asymmetric lines. The navigation menu of this template is situated on the left, thus making the page not as typical as the standard templates with the content in the middle. The template is fully responsive, and when it’s viewed on mobile phones it reorganizes its layout with the navigation bar coming right after the website logo and followed by a set of social buttons.

Growing New Enterprises: Business Analysis Agency WordPress Template

Business Analysis and Market Research Agency WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

Gradient images are a winning move when coupled with blocks of white background. This makes the template unobtrusive and eye-friendly and tunes the guests up for a win-win interaction. The template has all the elements that will let your website guests get in touch with you. In addition to the standard Contacts page with you contact details, contact form and Google map, the template is equipped with Click to call button and can be used as a platform for Live Chat.

Sleek Steelworks Responsive WordPress Design

Steelworks WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

It is not a simple thing to find a template built for steelwork industry. But this one definitely makes it to the top. This well-structured template with clean code and extended customization options allows ccreating a steelworks website within a couple of days or even hours! The structure and code of the template have been additionally customized to fit the Google guidelines and this gives you perfect rankings within search results.

Colorful Prints: Print Shop Responsive WordPress Site

print shop responsive WordPress theme

Details    Demo

This template of bright colors and fun images tunes up your website guests to a positive interaction. It’s homepage is a full roadmap to your website, giving glimpses of all the website pages one by one. Contents of your website are bound to be entertaining thanks to the many animation effects that the website incorporates. The template features rich social integration and has such widgets as Facebook Like Box, Instagram Board and Twitter Feed inbuilt in it.

Professional Photographer/Artist WordPress Theme

Professional Photographer WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

This template is a perfect way to uncover your personal photography style and vision of what is a perfect photoshoot. You can create galleries making every photoshoot a new category. The gallery is also a perfect place to showcase the venues that you shoot at. Photography is not the only thing that the template can be used for. It is also a great match for a personal artist portfolio. All the modern technology advances that it incorporates will help your works stand out from the crowd and receive well-deserved attention.

Shine Bright: Jewelry WordPress Template

Jewelry WordPress Template

Details    Demo

If jewelry template looks dull, cluttered and outdated, this is similar to selling jewelry on the street. Precious gems and elegant creations of silver and gold require intricate and well-thought presentation. This template that features all the advances of modern webdesign helps you implement your ideal vision of a jewelry website. If you wish, you can turn your blog/company website into an e-commerce store for the template can be integrated with WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.

Finding your Stronghold: Real Estate Agent WordPress Website

Real Estate Agent WP Theme

Details    Demo

This new real estate template can completely change the way people perceive your enterprise. Well-thought and carefully elaborated, it conveys the notions of reliability, tailored approach and wide array of choices. This great theme for real estate helps to uncover your aiming at best results, your innovativeness and concern for clients’ experience from the very beginning of their journey with you. The template comes with a powerful Cherry Real Estate plugin that lets your clients find exactly what they are looking for with the help of an extended search. You can also allow clients leave property submissions and then allocate them to your agents.

Master Chef Cooking School WordPress Site Design

Cooking School WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

’Master Chef’ is a top-notch theme designed for a modern cooking school. The template is intuitive and rich in functionality. It is powered by Cherry Framework 5, a powerful basis for a well-functioning and quick-responding website. ’Master Chef’ gives you ultimate freedom of expression: you can change color pallet, modify header and footer of the template, edit page layouts with simple drag-and-drop, and much more. This powerful template of 2017 gives you limitless opportunities.

Dance with the World: Dance School WordPress Site Design

Dance School WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

In many cultures dance is considered to be a way of expressing emotions, creating mood or even telling a story. This website template also tells a story, a story of your dance studio and the benefits it brings to its guests. Simple and intuitive, the template is easy to navigate and find all the information visitors may need. The template has a powerful multimedia base. You can enrich your website contents with inspiring videos, enchanting galleries and playlists that play in your studio.

The World Captured: Photographer Portfolio WordPress Template

Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

This template allows you launch a creative photographer portfolio website that stands out of the row of more conventional photography websites. It runs on CherryFramework, which provides for easy installation and customization of the website. The theme’s focus is a modern feature-rich gallery. You can set up different filter types and categories, so that your site visitors can get the most out of your website.

Advanced Hair Salon WordPress Template

Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

Healthy hair is an important aspect of beauty and health. Hair Salon WordPress template is an ideal match for ones working in the industry. This theme comes equipped with an array of premium plugins and widgets. For instance, Appointment Manager lets your clients book appointments Online. The system is automated. Once a client books an appointment, he receives a confirmation message. Once you approve the appointment, the client is notified one more time. Another handy plugin is the Timetable plugin. It creates a comprehensive timetable that allows your website guests see what events are coming up.

Healthy Skin: Skincare WordPress Site Design

Spa Health - Skincare WordPress Theme

Details    Demo

Our skin is a mirror of the overall health. It reflects environmental influences, malnutrition, sleep deprivation and stress. To rejuvenate our skin we need help of qualified professionals. This clean-white template is designed to demonstrate you professional approach to skincare, the industry that lies on the boundary of healthcare and beauty. The template is equipped with Call-to-Action buttons and Appointment Manager plugin that lets book an appointment at your center online. These tools will help you run your salon more effectively and will make your online presence the one of value and success.

Professional Gym Responsive Website Template

Gym Fitness Responsive Website Template

Details    Demo

Gym enthusiasts need raw power and energy of this design to keep their bodies rocking and set up for new challenges. The shades of dark grey show concentrated will of a person working for self-bettering. Every muscle is tense and visible; every cell of the body is at work. This pays off when continued. Dark shades suggest the working atmosphere of your place: there is no place for hanging around and pretending as the staff will ensure that you do your best. The template keeps people inspired with great images of visible muscles and well-shaped abs. There is nothing more motivating than visualization of a desired outcome. So, uncover all the strong points of you fitness center with this theme that motivates people to make a change in their lives.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of Top 20 WPML-ready templates. The templates not only lure with their designs, they are highly customizable and offer rich functionality thanks to multiple premium plugins and widgets. If you opt for one of them, you won’t be lost customizing it, as the process of customizing is really intuitive. Moreover, all the templates are well-documented and come with 24/7 Live Support.

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