Best 15 WordPress Themes You Will Need in 2020

Written by Kevin Liew on 23 Jan 2020
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We hope you aren’t having to plow through an innumerable number of WordPress themes in your quest to get 2020 off to a good start.

A premium multipurpose theme can offer the right solution for most web designers, but not necessarily for all of them, and maybe not for you.

Perhaps a more specialized theme would suit you best. One that gives you the tools you need to create a website that addresses a particular style, function, or niche that’s important to you.

We can’t claim we’re providing a list of themes that offers a solution for every web designer out there. But we still feel we’ve covered nearly all the bases. There’s an excellent chance you’ll find at least one theme you’d like to have at your fingertips in 2020 and beyond.

1. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

If the website you’re planning will be your first attempt at web design, BeTheme will be an ideal choice. Or, if you’ve been around the block a few times and have amassed a sizable yet diverse clientele, BeTheme could be the ideal choice for you as well.

In its role as the biggest WordPress theme of them all with its more than 40 web design core features, BeTheme provides the performance and flexibility most web designers look for – in addition to ease of use and outstanding support.

Popular core features include:

  • A selection of more than 500 pre-built, customizable websites that gets projects off to a quick start.
  • the Muffin Builder 3 page builder and Admin Panel to provide maximum design flexibility
  • a Layout Generator, grid, header, and footer options to help start a page from scratch
  • Shortcodes galore and other features that enable you to build what you want without coding

The pre-built websites are by consensus the highlight feature. They are responsive. They cover 30 major industry sectors, the major website types, multiple business niches and have basic UX features you want incorporated in your site.

“This is just a fantastic theme and I wish you all the best! Saves me loads of time!” -juanschmidt 

Click on the banner to find out more.

2. Total Theme

Total Theme

Total is another popular WordPress theme, especially well liked for the design flexibility it offers. This WordPress theme was also designed for both beginners and advanced web designers. Developers love Total as you will also, and for the following reasons:

  • You can kick off your project with one of the 40+ pre-built demos
  • 100+ customizable drag and drop page-building modules to speed your project along
  • 500+ website styling options and easy access to the WordPress Customizer
  • Snippets, hooks, and filters that allow developers to pish this theme to the limit
  • WooCommerce-ready and compatible with all WordPress plugins

There are more than 41,000 happy customers who will tell you why Total is a theme you don’t want to let slip by without at least giving it a try.

“A fantastic theme we've used for years. It's light, fast, and comes with lots of features.” - expanderdigital

Click to check out Total to see if it’s right for you.

3. Avada


It’s been around a long time, it’s the #1 all-time best-seller, it’s incredibly fast, and it has a wealth of features. Those are 4 good reasons to give Avada a good look; as are these:

  • The Fusion drag and drop Builder
  • Unsurpassed flexibility thanks to Avada’s Dynamic Content System 
  • Demos and partial demos
  • Flawless WooCommerce integration

“Perfect Theme. Gives tons of possibilities. Either for amateurs and pros.” - jarkokiliman

Click to learn more.

4. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

Certainly the most beautiful WordPress theme ever. TheGem was designed with creatives in mind. It's the perfect theme for agency magazine, portfolio, and small business websites. It was also designed with the objective of creating the ultimate WordPress toolbox; and its authors succeeded.

There’s much to like. In fact, TheGem’s more than 100 complete websites and a fantastic array of combinable design template should make your mouth absolutely water.

“Hands-down, the best theme on ThemeForest. Tons of options and the theme settings make it easy to customize pretty much anything. I use this theme for several clients, but you wouldn't know by looking at them.” -  nuggetweb

Visit TheGem’s website. It’s a journey unto itself.

5. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode is a pixel-perfect theme designed with terrific attention to details, flexibility and performance. It’s also an Envato best-seller, having garnered 60,000+ sales to date. 

Rather than provide a list of features, may we suggest you pay a visit to the website and check out the showcase of user-built websites. It’s a slam dunk that you’ll be informed, impressed, and inspired.

“The theme is really flexible, great to work with, and the support is so fast and helpful, I am really happy to use this theme.” - nikolettgados

Click on the banner and pay Uncode a visit.  

6. Houzez – Highly Customizable Real Estate WordPress Theme

Houzez – Highly Customizable Real Estate WordPress Theme

Houzez offers a great example of what a highly specialized theme can do for you that most multipurpose themes cannot easily accomplish, if at all. This drag and drop WordPress theme offers, among others, the following realtor-focused features:

  • Flexible property listings
  • A property management system
  • Advanced property search capabilities
  • Special features and alerts for high end properties

“This is the best theme ever for real estate. The support is amazing.” - Mariooobo

Don’t let this one get away if you have a real estate clientele.

7. Typer – Amazing Theme with Multi Author Publishing Features

Typer – Amazing Theme with Multi Author Publishing Features

Typer’s focus is on publishing. As such, it offers features that, like the previous theme, are not always found in multipurpose themes or could be difficult to emulate. You’ll want to take a close look at Typer if you have any of the following publishing website types in mind.

  • Magazine publishing
  • Multiple author accommodating 
  • Blog posts
  • Typer does not require coding, it’s 100% Gutenberg & Elementor compatible, and it’s optimized for speed.

A great looking theme, very good typography, and post templates, and excellent customer support. - by adrianm

Click on the banner if you have an article publishing site in mind.

8. Bridge


There’s little chance of making a bad choice here. Bridge is a winning proposition for just about any web designer. This best-selling theme has served more than 120,000 users; happy users because of the following features:

  • 410+ pre-made websites to help get projects started
  • A huge selection of design elements and aids
  • Open-ended flexibility; open-ended customizability
  • WooCommerce, sliders, and other premium plugins

“I've bought some themes on themeforest, but this is the one that I prefer. It's incredible.” - joaebobe

Click to find out more.

9. Brook – Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Brook – Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

It’s not a coincidence that this multipurpose creative WordPress theme can maintain its rank as one of the best sellers in ThemeForest for such a long period of time – and it’s for good reason. Brook deserves any compliments when frequently entered the list of the best-sellers on ThemeForest.

  • Choose Brook as your theme of choice and here’s what you get:
  • Superb flexibility & customizability
  • Premium site-building plugins, pre-made templates & shortcodes
  • Crazy-fast loading & intuitive editing
  • SEO friendliness & mobile optimization
  • A library of video tutorials for theme configurations

“This theme is absolutely amazing, you can customize almost anything in an easy way and it comes with tons of features!! Also, customer support is top-notch!!” - SomaEstudio

Feel free to take a look at Brook’s live demo to learn more.

10. XStore | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

XStore | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Why even bother thinking about building an online store from scratch when XStore can present you with a selection of 80 read-to-go stores to help you get underway. XStore has other features as well you can put in play to have your store up and running in no time; such as

  • $300 worth of premium plugins
  • A powerful single-product page builder
  • A large selection of product-oriented demos

“XStore is one of the best e-commerce theme I've ever used. Many formatting options, good customization, clear code, good speed.” -  stieranka

Click on the banner to check out the ready-to-go stores.

11. Pofo – Creative Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

Pofo – Creative Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

While Pofo can correctly be classified as a multipurpose theme, its real strength lies in the area of creative agency and portfolio websites.

Pofo, a top selection for 2020, will be an ideal selection for any wanting to build a personal portfolio website or who has a client who will benefit from having the same a similar website type.

Pofo is

  • 100% Gutenberg compatible
  • Super-fast and 100% responsive
  • Packed with portfolio website-building tools and design aids

 “Very flexible theme. up to date with latest version of wordpress without any glitches found so far. their support is quite fast responding and very helpful. highly recommended.”. mediaagf

Click to learn more about this premium creative theme.

12. Schema


Is Schema Perfect? That’s, of course, arguable. But there’s one thing perfect about Schema. It’s how it successfully addresses a common challenge and irritant among web designers – that of creating an SEO friendly site.

 Schema –

  • Knows what search engines are looking to find
  • Guides the search engines through your site a content section at a time
  • Checks for clean code and monitors page load time
  • Improves your site’s ranking

“Gorgeous design; thank you for a wonderful theme :)” simonehow

SEO issues got you down? Give Schema a try.

13. Leadinjection – WordPress Landing Page Theme

Leadinjection – WordPress Landing Page Theme

If the time and frustration involved in maintaining up and running sites is an ongoing problem for you Leadinjection will be worth it’s weight in gold. This WordPress landing page building theme is precisely what you need to add a page to an existing, up and running site. An operation that’s quite often tricky.

Leadinjection makes it easy.

  • It is WordPress multisite compatible  
  • It is conversion focused
  • It is WPML and translation ready

“Support is outstanding! They are listening to their customers and upgrading theme according to newest standards. Thank you for playing fair!” - ars111

Click and add this valuable theme to your toolbox.

14. TheFox | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

TheFox | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

What does it take to produce the smartest WordPress theme on the market; and what does “smartest” mean? The answer lies in clean code, and code that provides solutions to the minutest of design issues. That’s what the TheFox’s authors have done.

TheFox offers a complete software solution to most web designers’ needs and expectations. That’s what a smart theme does.

 “I love how easy this is to work with (as a novice).” - hssaun3 

Click to learn why TheFox is the smartest of them all.

15. Hongo – Modern & Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Hongo – Modern & Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

If you have a WooCommerce store, a company website, or a blogging site in your sights, Hongo has the tools and features you need. This WordPress theme is relatively new. It sports a modern and refreshing look, and when checking it out you’ll discover

  • a huge array of demos, templates, and design elements
  • the WPBakery page builder
  • a well-thought-out selection of custom shortcodes
  • one-click demo import

“Best theme, very good support. This is third purchase from themezaa. Best quality wordpress theme! Instant support!! Thank you!!!” - Magesturetech

Click on the banner & prepare to be impressed. 

Much of our listing covers multipurpose themes. Most of them have one or more unique features that you could find especially helpful. And, if you’re a beginning designer, a multipurpose theme is usually the best way to go.

The same can be true for the more advanced designer who has to keep a large and diverse clientele happy.

The more specialized themes in the list deserve a close look. You might find one that addresses a particular challenge you often face. Or, you simply want to save time and money when building a somewhat specialized type of site.

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