The Need For Speed, Tips to Optimize Website Loading Speed

Written by Kevin Liew on 24 Apr 2016
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Mebsite performance should be on the top of your list in web development or before the deployment. Most users hate a website that load slowly and they most likely will leave the website too. There you go, your potential customers.

Here we have a great infographic that outlines some staggering facts of slow websites and useful tips and tips to optimize your website. Based on the infographic, there are a few common factors that affecting a website loading speed:

  1. Unoptimized Bulky Images
  2. Content served without HTTP compression
  3. Too many CSS Image requests
  4. No caching information

You'll be amazed how loading speed could affect your business. Here's a few that listed in the infographic:

  • Website speed can determine your search ranking in Google search result.
  • Users tend to abandon slow websites, you might lost some potential customers.
  • Your business won't able to compete with other competitors.

Here's the infographic:

Improve Website Speed

Credit: On Blast Blog

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