20 Best Free WordPress Themes for Those Who Wisely Choose a WP Template

Written by Kevin Liew on 21 Jul 2015
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There’s been a lot of talk that free things cannot necessarily be of good quality. Undoubtedly, most of the time this statement is probably right. But sometimes - and this is just such a case - this statement is absolutely wrong.

WordPress theme providers have to strive to maintain their place in the market. If you know the basic laws of economics - the more competition there is, the better the product that is produced. So you can relax, sit back in your comfortable chair and reap the fruits of the competitive WordPress themes industry.

Let’s imagine a situation: you’ve found nice-looking WordPress theme on the Web and bought it. A couple of days later you run into a post with a list of beautiful WordPress themes which would have fit your project perfectly well. For Free. And different images start getting into your head like the charcoal grill or a new device for your garage that you could’ve bought for that sum of money.

Don’t rush to purchase a theme from the Web – check out the list of free themes first. Whichever project you have - whether it is a portfolio website, a blog or a veterinary clinic website - you may use any of the templates listed below.

Single page templates, Parallax scrolling, Mega Menu, responsiveness and other great features will help you create a beautiful WordPress-powered blog, restaurant, business website or… whatever you decide it’s good for.

When choosing a theme for your project, pay attention to whether it contains the latest web design trends. The ones below are beautiful, function perfectly and, one of the biggest advantages of this list, they are free.


Cherry Framework Free WordPress Theme

This is a truly impressive theme built on > Cherry Framework 4.0 . which is a framework that was recently updated and has more functionality than other frameworks on the Web. It’s one of the first to have features which make the designing as flexible as possible and also it includes plugins which work independent of the Cherry framework with any WordPress website.

Demo | More info



Pay attention to the image slider in this template. Also, look at the ‘Featured projects’ section: there’s a great slider, too. The theme creators managed to combine them in one theme and yet kept the website clean looking whilst maintaining ease of perception. By the way, if you place your cursor on the images below the slider, you’ll see nice and unobtrusive hover buttons.

Demo | More info


Consulting Firm

Beautiful, isn’t it? If you need to build a beautiful website with a neat Parallax scrolling effect, you may consider using this free WordPress template. Its responsiveness will present your website perfectly on any type of device and its mega menu will help people navigate the site easily.

Additionally, it’s a great option for those websites that need to present their business-related content in the most effective way.

Demo | More info


Board Walk

This free WordPress theme has an unusual design which will definitely make your project outstanding. If you have your pictures prepared for the project, you can visualize how it will look. He who takes no risks ever gets to drink champagne. Maybe this layout is the key to your future success… try it ;)

Demo | More info



Business is all about attitude - this is what this theme says. Attitude towards your work should be simple, confident and progressive. Just like this theme - a great design embodying these features. Check it out!

Demo | More info


Kundalini Yoga Club

Why practise yoga? There are many reasons for doing that, in fact, so many that it’s pointless to enumerate all of them right now. However, what we can answer is “Why try this yoga template?” It’s fully responsive, it’s a match for almost any blog or portfolio website, it’s widgetized and it has a modern design. Everything you need for the healthy structure of a website.

Demo | More info


Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

This clean theme is stuffed with great features alongside beautiful design, Parallax scrolling, lazy load effect, ghost buttons, social options… and many more. To see more of it, check out the demo. See? This is how your project could look.

Demo | More info



This is a theme where a cute little deer somewhat distracts your attention. However, once you get yourself back to thinking like a professional, you’ll see the coziness emanating from this template. Also this responsive theme with a right sidebar is translation-ready, so you won’t have any troubles with different languages.

Demo | More info



A beautiful Pinterest-like layout is a great solution for those who aim at an image-oriented, free WordPress theme. One of its greatest features is a hidden menu, which allows you not to overload the design of the template.

Demo | More info



A darkly seductive WordPress theme with a diagonal graphic as a key design solution. If you feel that this template may become a great basis for your project… you know what to do.

Demo | More info


One Tone

It’s beautiful, parallaxy and stylish. This template has a free version, so you may consider using it. And by the way, you can place video on the home page. That could be a pretty engaging feature of your website.

Demo | More info


Arcade basic

A really romantic airy WordPress template with a full-screen image and hover buttons. It can serve you well if you are interested in including the latest trends of 2015 in your website.

Demo | More info



One more full-screen image with social media icons just at the bottom of it so the people who want to share your content don’t have to go too far. A beautiful picture and the ability to share it with your friends right away - what else do you need for web design aesthetics?

Demo | More info



Parallax scrolling, flat design, drop-down menu, no charge - these are great features, aren’t they? Great color scheme, symmetry and easy navigation will create the best impression for a business website. Are you interested? See the demo - better to see it once than hear about it 100 times.

Demo | More info



Full screen image, Parallax and a lot of hover effect - these are the main features of this theme. Beautiful flat widgets contribute well to the design. Moesia can become a great helper in the creation of a beautiful one-page WordPress website.

Demo | More info


Metro CreativeX

A dark responsive WordPress theme for those who have a lot of visual content to present. The combination of bright colors and dark background makes the theme even brighter, and although, in many themes, content blogs can simply get lost on the page, here each and every one of them will be seen perfectly well.

Demo | More info


Free WordPress Restaurant Theme

In French, in order to express that you hope your guest(s) enjoy their meal you might say ‘Bon Appetit’, in the Belgian language they say “Smakelijk”, in WordPress language they say…nothing! They just refer you to a nice appetizing template! Check out a free WordPress template created to become a basis for the best restaurant projects.

Demo | More info


Free WordPress Fashion Agency Theme

This WordPress theme is definitely worthy of attention - it is responsive, WPML ready and built on Cherry Framework.

Check out the elegant drop-down menu, muted colors and the hover effect the menu has.

Demo | More info



An extremely appetizing WordPress theme, which will make your mouth water. If there is a perfect way of presenting food on a website - this must be it. Enjoy the effects it has when you move the cursor.

Demo | More info



Again, a visually oriented theme where you can show your images to their best advantage. This template is well suited for a blog - for example, if you are an adventurous traveller and you want to tell your stories to the world.

Demo | More info


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