Quill - Another Great Standalone Javascript Rich Text Editor

Written by Kevin Liew on 01 Oct 2014
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TinyMCE used to be a famous rich text editor you can find online. No doubt, it's feature-rich. It's almost like a Word Processor. However, many users complaint its large file size and take a while to load. This time, we found another rich text editor that is worthy to be mentioned - Quill.

Quill has a minimal interface, simple and straight forward layout. Just like the standard rich text editor, toolbar is located on top of the editor. It does not use any Javascript framework, it's a standalone editor without the need of any dependencies. It's fast and lightweight!

I always appreciate plugin with good documentation, and Quill is one of it. Quill documentation outline everything you need to know and tell you how to use them in detail. It includes working examples along with the code too.


Quill may look simple from the outside, however, it's actually quite a robust Javascript plugin with many configurations and API.

  • Support Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline, Font, Size, Color, Background color, Image, Link, Bullet, List and Text alignment. You can hide or show any of it on the toolbar.
  • To access to its editor content, Quill has an extensive set of API in retrieval, manipulation, selection and customization.
  • You can also listen to a two events: text-change and selection-change for further customization.
  • Other features such as Deltas, Toolbar modules, Authorship modules and Multiple Cursors are also included in the release.
  • It supports responsive layout!
  • Cross browser support including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9+


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