Bricks.js - A Blazing Fast Masonry Layout Generator

Written by Kevin Liew on 11 Apr 2016
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Masonry layout is one of the popular layouts from from the first appearance in pinterest until now. There are quite a few plugins available at the moment but most of them are bundled few too many features that you probably don't need.

For people who looking for lightweight and great performance masonryn layout, here we have a good solution - Bricks.js. It's created to to solve these issues:

The Problems

  • Dependencies, like jQuery.
  • Mandate HTML markup, or require a CSS stylesheet.
  • Position elements with transforms, making animation difficult.
  • Lack performance.
  • Bloated with unnecessary features.

And these what Bricks.js can do:

The Solutions

  • No required HTML, markup or CSS stylesheet.
  • Minimal, powerful and readable configuration.
  • Optional resize handling.
  • Optimized handling of dynamically added items.

You can check out the Demo on their website. You will able to see the speed of regenerate the tiles. It's blazingly fast.


  • Official Website / Demo / Download
  • Plugin Category: Layout
  • Requirement: No dependencies
  • Compatibility: Modern Browsers, IE10+, iOS 7.1+, Android 4.4+
  • License: GPL License
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