9 Applicable And Awesome CSS3 And Javascript Effects from DemoStudio

Written by Kevin Liew on 16 Apr 2012
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I discovered this website from Mozilla Developer network called DemoStudio which gathered a bunch of cool CSS3 and Javascript effect. It reminded me of Chrome Experiment but this is Firefox version. Browsing around I found a few pretty impressive effects and you could probably use it in your website!

Friendly reminder though, they are all experimental, using any of the techniques is guaranteed not to work in old Internet Explorer. But if you're using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, you are fine. You still can use them as long as you have a fallback for the effect, for example, no animation legacy browsers, but modern browsers will able to see all the fancy and cool hidden gems.

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Sten Hougaard 12 years ago
So cool! This really gives us hope for the future web! I love it! :-)
Kevin Liew Admin 12 years ago
Tell me about it, it's gonna be exciting!
Jonath Lee 12 years ago
Finally, more stunning samples maximizing the power of CSS3 and Jquery javascript. Bravo, seems like more eand more people are working hard for more stunning creations without the usage of Flash.
Richer 12 years ago
This post is fabulous. I like it very much, especially the animated menu icons. I am a freelancer webdesigner and I need more of these menus for my projects. If is not too much, can you suggest me some free collections or a free website from where I can download more menus? Not just any menus, with professionalism like yours. Thank you very much and I am waiting for your reply.
Gabriel 12 years ago
Hi Richer,

Most of the menus are basic, you can design an accordion, dropdown or multilevel menu in just so many ways. You should be looking into changing the fonts, using the CSS3 @font-face property, or playing around with some custom menu buttons' backgrounds. You could find quality assets at http://www.creattor.com , in the Graphics section of the website. The files are usually free for commercial use, but registration is required.
Epervier 12 years ago
doesn't work under IE :(