10 Beautiful jQuery and MooTool Calendar Plugins

Written by Kevin Liew on 10 Sep 2009
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Calendar is one of the famous form element. It helps to reduce human error. Instead of letting users type the date in certain format, you let them choose it from a calendar. It solves formatting problem, and it's user friendly and easy to understand.

So, here we go, 10 jQuery and MooTool Calendar Plugins and some of them are really really well designed and skined.



MooTool Framework

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Roy 13 years ago
Great list, thanks! I picked the Full Calendar and it works fantastic!
DCS Solution 13 years ago
Hi, check out our jQuery Event Calendar: http://www.dcs-solution.com/blog/?p=22#more-22
Bobo 13 years ago
Please check our our new jquery event calendar. It's totally free and open source.
Term 13 years ago
DCS Solution has the best Calendar I've seen with jQuery, ever. Hands down. Very nice work you guys have done there, and big props for contributing to the community and making it open source. Companies like you make web development fun for people like me, and because you've made it fun - you've enabled me to find a job I love. No joke. Lots of credit to all you open source developers, you're helping the world!
HeartDisk 13 years ago
thank you so much ..
Inga 12 years ago
Another addition to your list - dhtmlxScheduler, a framework independent JavaScript event calendar:
Irulappan 12 years ago
I need a calendar like unavailabee dates strike with cross mark. pls any one give the link or idea
kiran 12 years ago
nothing to say...
neilfurry 12 years ago
Hi, is there a way to integrate fullcalendar month to jquery weekcalendar? i like jquery weekcalendar the best but it doesnt have Month view.. that is why i want to integrate fullcalendar to it without affecting weekcalendar's current functionality. THank you
Eduard 12 years ago
I’ve used this one http://teddevito.com/demos/calendar.php on http://teddevito.com/demos/calendar.php (after some modifieng for holland). On the Mac it works, but not under Windows. Why? Your original works on both...
Lukasz 11 years ago
I would also recommend http://w3widgets.com/responsive-calendar/ a very nice jQuery calendar widget plugin