Giveaway 5 Futurico Pro Packs - Advanced User Interface Elements Pack

Written by Kevin Liew on 16 Jan 2012
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Today giveaway contest featured with the most advanced and comprehensive UI kit called Futurico UI Pro from DesignModo. This UI kits cover wide array of UI elements and pretty sure will be a great time saver for quick prototyping, wireframing and even for the real implementation of your upcoming projects.

About Futurico Pro Packs

Futurico UI Pro is the world’s biggest user interface elements pack. It contains more than 200 web design elements that can be used in any project no matter the style or the concept. The pack contains a set of elements added in one extraordinary collection and the good thing is that you can use them for any design or application.

All the elements from this pack are editable and available in PSD (fully layered), hence they can be easily integrated in any concept or design. This archive provides 3 sets of elements in different colors and 2 examples of web design where they have been used. You will get a better idea on how a single UI Kit can help you create plenty of different designs.

DesignModo is a great resource of informative material for designers, web developers, graphic artists or just curious folks looking for inspiration. We provide design, web development and art-oriented articles and we promote the works of talented artists from all over the world.

What do you get?

You will get a copy of Futurico Pro Packs

Our 5 lucky winners

Congratulation to the winners below, you have won a copy of the awesome Futurico Pro UI Pack.

  • kris
  • Fazal
  • Ashmita
  • Tedds
  • Renu
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indiXolutions 9 years ago
these Futurico UI Pro elements gives excellent interaction snapshots!
Anirudh Prabhu 9 years ago
This is an awesome UI kit. A must have design resource. Please it to me :)
Dawn 9 years ago
Love this ui package! I downloaded the free version and use some elements in the software we are building at our company...would love to have the pro version :-)
kris 9 years ago

love it, because when u have futurico, there is no need to search for any other UI pack :)
josefjerome 9 years ago
Tony 9 years ago
Looks awesome, thanks for the giveaway!

Alejandro Carrillo 9 years ago
This look awesome... looking forward to win. Here's my facebook share:
Fazal 9 years ago
Done the steps and my twitter ID is @FazalAllan!/FazalAllan/status/159158820311007232

I have made use of some elements from the free version for a demo project to one of our clients and my boss was pretty impressed with the outcome. I'm excited to get a chance to try the pro version ..... Thanks for the chance. Hope to win :)
Ben Rowe 9 years ago

I came across the free set of this weeks ago. Am delighted to see even more elements in this pro pack.

count me in!
Prados 9 years ago
I have no artisitc bone in my body and I can't match colors for the life of me. This seems to have what it takes to make my projects actually look nice .)!/PeroRados/status/159342529521778688