Giveaway 5 One Year Premium WordPress Theme Club Subscriptions from Shape5

Written by Kevin Liew on 31 May 2011
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In this giveaway, 5 lucky readers will get a 1 year subscription to Shape 5’s Premium WordPress Theme Club worth $110 each.

Who are Shape5?

Shape 5 is one of the biggest and most experienced Joomla Template, WordPress Themes, and PhpBB3 Style club around. With over 115,000 members, they create some of the finest designs available on the web. Shape 5 is also known for their superior quality of designs and excellent support.

What do the winners get?

The winners get a 1 year subscription to Shape 5’s Premium WordPress theme club. These themes will make your WordPress website stand above from the rest with their flexibility, design and power.

You can also use these designs on as many domains you want!

Competition is closed

We will be announcing our lucky 4 winners soon! Stay tuned.

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noeden 13 years ago
wonderful gift, thank you for including me in.
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Zao Zhu 13 years ago
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Tara 13 years ago
Thought the message to be tweeted was wrong.. :)
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Awesome giveaway!
Raza Rahil Hussain 13 years ago
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karan 13 years ago
Following Queness on twitter.
my Twitter id : @funbu

thanks for giveaway.

dumazz 13 years ago
I watch you on Twitter. Id @ warstwydotcom!/warstwydotcom/status/76626686237622272
Eray 13 years ago
Thank you !
Jasmine 13 years ago
yay one more! :D
john 13 years ago