What Are the Advantages of Online Surveys?

Written by Kevin Liew on 04 Nov 2020
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Information has always been an important part of any endeavour. Whether it is for a company, for a social event or even for personal growth, information is often the difference maker when it comes to realising the project you are working on. It is, therefore, no surprise that online surveys are a big help in that department, but you will find below the various advantages it can provide you.

Online Surveys: Easy to Prepare and Diffuse

The great thing about online surveys is that anybody can create them and use them, wherever they want. All you have to do is go through a registration online and you are ready to start. It is easy to build a professional survey thanks to the various tools that are now offered online, and you’ll be able to analyze the data quickly, as it will bring you the information you need to adapt your project accordingly.

Here is a brief description of some of the advantages of online surveys:


To say that online surveys are cost-efficient is not underlining it enough. Think of all the costs you would have if you had to do paper or phone surveys. From the cost of print and postage to the cost of labour for people handling calls; the final bill rapidly grows. With an online survey, all you need is to prepare it on a professional website and diffuse it yourself, where you want to (emails, social networks, etc.). The difference in cost is major.


First, you can prepare a survey and put it out right away, which is something you cannot do with a paper or phone survey. But it also saves you time in the preparation of the survey, as you work on a professional web platform, telling you each step to take and where you can manage everything in one place.


Being handed a written questionnaire to fill will either never be sent back (because people forget) or will become an obligation (if it has to be filled on the spot). With an online questionnaire, the respondent can fill it whenever it is convenient. He can start and pause to go back to it later, as well. This increases the engagement and the response to the survey.


With the click of a button, you can reach thousands of people at once, through an online survey. Either via e-mail or social networks, the quantity of people you can reach is much larger and faster than with paper or phone calls. They can also reach an international crowd.

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