11 Photo Galleries Made by the Awesome CSS3

Written by Kevin Liew on 03 Aug 2010
56,237 Views • Javascript


It has been a while since my last post, sorry for making new posts, I have been seriously busy with life issues! However, the good news is, I'm getting there and soon everything will back to normal again.

Anyway, we all know the awesomeness of CSS3, the introduction of CSS3 brings revolutionary change to the web development. Check out these photo galleries made by the awesome CSS3! It's funny that there are so many people using polaroid effects. :)

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Monster Energy Race Hat 14 years ago
Thanks for your post ,when I just see your post , I have a nice mood 。The things that your post are so good ,I coundn’t agree more ,and I every like them。They are so beautiful.
Web Design 14 years ago
And this is yet another post that shows the great benefits of using CSS. :)
Anas Bouhtouch 14 years ago
CSS3 is very amazing! With this new version of CSS there is less need to use javascript.
Shibu 11 years ago
CSS is the new javascript.
SF 14 years ago
AJAX-ZOOM is a multi-talent jQuery gallery with image zoom using image tiles. Link: http://www.ajax-zoom.com
Elias Graphic Designer 14 years ago
Great stuff here, this is perfect for those photographers and visual artists who wants to present a great portfolio online, who would have thought that CSS3 could be used to do these!