Prevention of Cell Phone Hacking and Protecting Your Business Operations

Written by Kevin Liew on 09 Aug 2018
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Gone are the days when cell phone applications were just used to kill time. Many businesses have become reliant on cell phone applications to steer their day-to-day activities these days. From assembling spreadsheets to managing meetings, applications on handheld devices have made many things convenient for business executives.

However, this convenience comes at a cost. Business operations managed through cell phone are extremely vulnerable to instances of cyber attacks. Cybersecurity of cell phone is not maintained the way conventional business workstations are professionally secured. This is the major reason for the severe vulnerability of mobile devices in the face of cyber attacks.

Before we move on to discuss the preventive measures to protect cell phones from unauthorized infiltrations, it is imperative to discuss how cyber criminals break into a business environment through cell phone hacking. By using malware codes and other complex malicious tools, they can compromise operations of a business managed through cell phones.

  • By directly hacking the cell phone
  • Hackers can also meet their target by infiltrating into the network on which the cell phone  is operating
  • By corrupting the applications used for the business operations, hackers can render the intended losses

Ways to Prevent Cell Phone Hacking

We are going to discuss the measures that can help companies to protect their cell phone-driven business operations from the shenanigans of a hacker.

Use of Cell Phone Device Management Services

With the prevalence of handheld devices in the business operations, cybersecurity companies are now offering professional cell phone device management services.  Cyber security professional ensures the safety of mobile device by taking up different measures. Some features of their devised security protocols are given below.

  • Network access control
  • Encryption for the communication
  • Antivirus protection
  • Compartmentalization of business and personal content
  • Enforcement and management of network access policy

Besides using specific cell phone device management services, following good cyber security practices will also be effective to deter any instance of cell phone hacking. All these measures are rooted in common sense and you don’t have to spend on ensuring most of them.

  • Make it certain that the app you are going to download is safe for use. Read reviews or consult a cyber security expert before downloading any business app on your device.
  • Maintain strong password security. Don’t use the same password for several accounts and make sure to change them at regular intervals.
  • E-mail attachments are often used by the attackers to deliver malware payloads. Therefore, don’t open e-mail attachments sent from unknown e-mail IDs.
  • Back-up your crucial data to make sure you don’t have to suffer downtime in case your cell phone or any other device has been hacked.
  • Avoid using a cell phone on public hotspots. The Internet traffic on such public connections is always susceptible to the intrusion of hackers.

By taking into accounts the measures mentioned in the above discussion, you can certainly use your cell phone and its applications to streamline your business operations.

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