28 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress

Written by Kevin Liew on 27 May 2017
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WordPress is a community software, meaning that it is maintained by volunteers from all over the word that have an active interest in growing the software. Anyone can be a part of it by contributing in some way such as writing plugins, answering people’s questions in the forum, updating documentation and various other methods. It is because of these people that WordPress is so popular and free to use. In fact, WordPress search on Google will give you 1.6 billion results, showing just how popular and successful it has become.

It is the volunteers that contribute to creating the plugins and themes that give people the freedom to create near enough whatever they want. The majority of people that use the system are not professional web developers, they are people just like you and me, many of which who have never even built a webpage before. The themes and plugins let people choose what they want their website to look like with just a few simple clicks, and there are thousands of completely free themes to choose from, there is a theme available for every kind of website imaginable. It offers 46,291 free plugins and 4,081 free themes, and more are added all the time. The themes usually even come with a control panel that lets the users customise their site even more, like changing colours, adding logos and changing background images.

These plugins and themes can be updated using the built-in updater within the admin dashboard, notifying you when there is an update available.

These are only a few of the many reasons that people are continuously choosing to use WordPress over other content management systems. It is steadily growing in popularity, with millions of websites built using the system all over the world.

Here we have an infographic titled 28 Facts You Probably don't know about WordPress created by Skilled:

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