Steps for Migrating From Magento to Shopify Plus

Written by Kevin Liew on 02 Aug 2022
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As an online retailer, Magento to Shopify plus migration is not much of a feat in itself. These two platforms are different and an understanding of this is necessary before you make such a decision. Of course, when you have already made this decision, what you need to consider next is how to go about it. 

Steps For Migrating From Magento to Shopify Plus

Here are some key steps to take for Magento to Shopify plus migration.

Make Sure You Have Chosen Right

Every business has its unique needs. As awesome as Shopify plus is, it might not be the best for your business. You must take time to weigh both the benefits and the grey areas against your business needs. Check for vital features which may include: 

  • security;
  • hosting;
  • updates;
  • scalability;
  • cost before taking this step. 

The beautiful thing is that you need a team to help you make an informed decision.

Work With Professionals

Magento to Shopify plus migration is not a simple process. You will need expert knowledge that encapsulates the intricate things about migration and the possible challenges that may arise.

This is not the time to cut corners, you need to employ the service of an expert with a track record of handling Magento to Shopify plus migration. Using the service of an e-commerce development agency will keep you on track to achieving seamless results.

Come Up With A Strategy

As an online store owner, you don’t have to shut down your store completely to carry out your migration. So you must put a strategy in place this will help you manage your migration better and take care of possible risks that are posed during or after the transfer.

Use Backups

It is preferable to choose the safe side rather than the sorry side. To be on the safe side, it is best to back up your Magento store before you start any migration. Things can go south and you cannot tell before it happens. So that when things go wrong, you will still have all your data intact and would not need a fresh start.

Create Your Shopify Plus Theme

Migration to Shopify gives you access to unique design flexibility. With Shopify, customizing your store is easier compared to Magento. You don’t need any knowledge of coding to select a theme from the free and paid available themes. Shopify offers themes that are all mobile responsive. Your customers are sure to have a good user experience from any of their devices.

In addition to the aforementioned steps, there are other important steps to consider in Magento to Shopify plus migration. You have to come up with an SEO strategy to forestall the impact on your performance on search engines. Other steps like 301 redirects for URLs, migrating data, adding integrations and auditing your store after launching, must not be ignored. Auditing is necessary at the end of your migration to make sure everything was transferred accurately and has no usability challenge.

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