Amazon FBA: A 2022 Beginner’s Guide

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Feb 2022
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Launched back in 2006, Amazon FBA has by now grown to be a wildly popular feature that unites sellers in all kinds of domains. For many companies, this is a valuable opportunity to improve their logistics and raise brand awareness.

However, there are many questions around how exactly to use the feature to your advantage. Read below to find out how to boost your business with AMZ FBA and how to use software discounts from Riselane to bring it to the next level.

What’s AMZ FBA?

The acronym FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. What this means is that when someone orders from a seller using FBA, the goods are processed at Amazon fulfillment centers and forwarded to the company’s warehouses for storage. Essentially, Amazon logistics is used to implement the sales. The package also includes customer service covering the goods in question.

Please note that FBA is not the only option when it comes to selling via Amazon. However, it’s a highly popular approach known to save sellers a lot of hassle and time. It enables you to focus on your business and branding rather than the logistic details of implementation.

How to Start Using Amazon FBA?

The first step is to create a Selling on Amazon account unless you haven't already done this. It’s important to note that this is not something specific to FBA; you just can’t do business using Amazon in any way without an account.

It’s also essential that you have product listings in place before you start using the FBA plan. There are two key ways in which you can do this, uploading products one by one or in batches, but the letter may require additional integration with Amazon’s API.

Here’s what happens when you have established an Amazon account and chosen FBA:

  • pack your products according to the requirements;
  • set up a shipment plan using the Seller Central interface;
  • wait for the products to be picked at your place of choice and directed to an Amazon fulfillment center (you can track them on the way; the most secure option is to entrust this to Amazon carriers);
  • make sure the products have reached the Amazon warehouse intact; otherwise, the company will make up for the damage.

When someone orders a product from your store, it is packed and shipped. This can be initiated manually or automatically, depending on your preferences. This is not the end stage of the process since Amazon also offers customer support for products purchased via the FBA program.

Boosting Your FBA

Amazon FBA is in itself a highly efficient instrument for streamlining your sales and eliminating the less important elements of your business. Luckily, you can further boost it by using advanced analytical tools.

There are a number of software products made specifically for FBA that will provide you with insightful data on how your business is doing and what practices you might need to introduce. For example, you can find out what keywords are currently the most popular on Amazon and optimize your listing. This is also the ultimate solution for automating review requests to grow your brands.

Each product has a distinct set of features, and many of them are rather expensive. Luckily, the e-commerce platform Riselane offers discounts on these products to help you experience unprecedented, data-driven growth.

Make Profit With Comfort

Amazon FBA is a program that can relieve a seller considerably when it comes to logistics. The company will take care of the shipments, enabling you to focus on what really matters, such as advanced market research using FBA-specific analytic tools.

Do you feel like you could benefit from the offer? Be sure to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

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