Factors to Consider when Hiring a Designer for Your Dentist Website

Written by Kevin Liew on 15 Mar 2021
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If your dental practice does not have a website yet, you are missing out on the potential traffic and clients that it could bring. A website will also bring benefits, if your SEO for dentists and brand consistency are done well throughout.  

A website is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy because here, you have a space to provide comprehensive information about your business. And the bonus? You can hire a dental content writing service to create copy that compels site visitors to book an appointment immediately.

But for a website to achieve this and more, you must hire an expert to create and optimize it. A professional web designer has the industrial knowledge, advice, and efficiency needed for such a task.

To help you find the right person, here are five factors to consider when hiring a designer for your website.

1. What Are Your Needs?

What is the tone and message that you are looking to convey? Do you have a timeframe for the project? Will you need the services of a web developer too?

However trivial, determine all your needs before starting the search for a dental website designer. 

If you already had a developer create the functional part of your site, you’ll be looking for someone who has specialized in web visuals. Decide whether you will need maintenance services once in a blue moon or regularly. For the latter, you might want to consider an in-house designer.

All of the above are factors that can affect things like pricing and resources required for the project. 

2. What Is Your Budget?

Creating a dentist website can cost you upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t believe me? Just visit one or two freelance platforms. 

This is why you should set a fixed budget and start looking for candidates that match your offer. 

The cheap ones don't necessarily translate to poor services, nor do the costly ones guarantee a high-quality website. It all depends on your design needs and budget. 

When interviewing a potential designer, remember to ask their rates based on your website needs. 

3. Skills and Experience

It goes without saying that your designer’s skills and experience will determine the website you get. 

Are you looking for a designer who’s well-versed with WordPress themes or one to create from scratch? While it is possible to find both skills in one candidate, you’ll want to go with the one who has more experience with your choices. 

You can also expect to find the right candidate but at a slightly higher price than your budget. Do not be afraid to adjust your budget if it is the only way to get an experienced visual wizard.

4. References, Reviews, and Testimonials

Most serious web designers will have an online portfolio where you can review their past projects. Ask if they have one to see to gage whether they have the right skills and experience to work on your project.

Look for reviews and testimonials from their past employers, too. Regardless of the skills, negative reviews and canceled projects are major red flags. 

If possible, speak to one or two references and get first-hand information on what it will be like working with this person. 

5. Interpersonal Skills

For any hire, poor interpersonal skills will trump experience, skills, industry knowledge, education, and so on.

Interpersonal skills facilitate proper interactions and communication among people. Your dental website designer will have to collaborate with the entire digital marketing team to create a harmonious brand message. 

A candidate who lacks proper communication skills, is always late with excuses, does not take part in team activities, or is impatient, spells doom for your design project. Utilize the interview session to look for some of these signs.  

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