This Web Design Agency Bought Over 30 Jupiter WP Licenses and Here’s Why!

Written by Kevin Liew on 18 Apr 2016
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Here at Artbees Themes we’ve had the privilege of seeing beautifully crafted websites designed by our very own Artbees users. Admittedly our team experiences a bit of a ‘proud parent’ moment when we see that someone has used our features in a creative and new way. Equally gratifying is when a user reaches out to us to share their success story with our themes. After all, that’s what we work for everyday; to create a product that helps individuals share their message and tell their story using a platform that will expand their reach and voice.

So as proud theme parents must do, we’re here to share with you the story of a couple from Colorado, Kristen and Trent Blizzard, who have now used over 30 Jupiter Themes to bolster the overall profitability of their web design agency. Not very long ago, both Kristen and Trent each owned their own web design agency exclusively working with WordPress, though a few years ago, they decided to sell their agencies, got married and founded BlizzardPress, their own home­based web design agency in Western Colorado! With over 15 years of web design and marketing experience under their belt, these two have had their fair share of bad WordPress experiences. That is, until they came across the Jupiter.

In our interview with them, they elaborate on the THREE top features of Jupiter that, in their opinion, not only put Jupiter far above the rest of WordPress Themes, but dramatically helped to increase the capacity of BlizzardPress:

1. Versatility & Customizability

Each client will have their own stylistic preferences and a vision of how they want their website to appear to their target audience. A theme that let’s you color outside the lines of each offered template will allow you to create a site that resonates perfectly with your client and their prospective customers!

2. Efficiency & Functionality

Using one theme for all of your websites will naturally optimize the time you spend building websites for your clients and ultimately allow you to take on more projects without compromising

the quality of your work. Equally important, having a SEO­optimized, mobile­friendly and fast­loading website will give your clients the traffic and conversion rates they want!

3. Support & Updates

Behind every great web designer is a great support team. It’s a huge asset to have a Theme Support team that is personally accessible 24/7 and rolls out updates on a consistent basis. You can rest assure as a web designing agency that not only will your customer’s sites stay updated and secure, but that they’ll be able to modify and refresh their site well into the future.

Thank you so much Kristen and Trent for taking the time to discuss your experience with the Jupiter. When we saw you’d purchased over 30 licenses, we were so curious to find out exactly what kept you coming back to Jupiter!

Well, when shopping for a theme, especially for a web design agency, we’ve learned toalways start by asking some simple questions:

  • Is it well documented and supported?
  • How often does it release updates?
  • Does it have the features I need?
  • Is there a community/forum?
  • Does it have a good user rating?

­Is it a popular download?

Previously we’d always end up crossing our fingers hoping to find a theme that had at least half of these features though we then came across the Jupiter almost 4 years ago now. It seemed to fulfill all of the criteria so we downloaded it and were surprised that we were able to build a fairly extensive website in just a day! There was extensive documentation and video tutorials, a rich user forum and updates that were coming out every 2­3 weeks. Since then, not only are we hooked on the capabilities of Jupiter but all of our clients who have a Jupiter website have remarked at how much they love their ability to update and refresh the site as many times as they want and they never have to worry about updates. That’s a huge value to our customer experience and services!

In your experience using the Jupiter, have you found the theme to be versatile enough to cater to all of your client requests?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve been able to use Jupiter across the board for professional services, public services, local retailers, and non­profits. Right away we realized that Jupiter’s functionality set was very comprehensive so that we could create sites that would have beautiful visuals and organize content in an intuitive manner without having to add too many plugins. Beforehand with other themes, sure they provided templates though there were always a few expected drawbacks­­­ first, there were never so many to pick from so sometimes you were hard­pressed to find a suitable template that matched your client’s sector. Secondly, the ability to customize them was really limited so there was always the risk of having client sites that looked too similar to one another. Thing is, with the Jupiter, functionality is already built in. It comes ready to enable if you need it. This, along with a few standard plugins or widgets like SEO, Forms, anti­spam, and analytics all tend to be enough to cover most business needs.

We’re happy to hear that since one of our main goals at Artbees is to make the Jupiter as versatile as possible so that any type of industry can use it for their purposes. So then in your opinion, what is it exactly about the Jupiter that makes it so beneficial for your clients to scale their businesses?

Well, what businesses need and what they want from their websites are often quite different. They want fancy sliders and parallax sections­­­they want a site that looks impressive and loads fast. What they actually need is a clear conversion goal with meaningful calls to action and a well thought out user experience. They need easy ways to integrate with other marketing vehicles such as email and inbound efforts, SEO best practices and, most importantly, they need ways to connect all the pieces together within their website. With the Jupiter, we can deliver what they want and what they need.

The real question is, with thousands of theme options ­ why do we use Jupiter for so many site designs? The answer is simple ­ versatility. Most themes force designers to work in a box. Often what you see is what you get and it can be very frustrating and require lots of customization outside the theme. With Jupiter, what you get is what you design ­ what you need. It allows people like me to customize areas of the site (design + functionality) on a per page basis often without major CSS overrides. So as a designer, I can meet client needs in a more efficient, and more profitable manner.

Overall, how has your use of the Jupiter impacted your sales, conversions, traffic or customer reviews? And for your customers?

Yes, since we started to use Jupiter our business has been much more profitable. We are now able to deliver modern sites that are varied and look nothing like each other and that all have high functionality for a reasonable cost to the client. We experience higher profitability thanks to the efficiency of using the same theme environment with versatile design tools. Because we know the theme so well now, our building process and updating process is much more streamlined and fast! Even in a scenario where we know right away that we will be doing customizations to fit a complex client design ­ we use Jupiter.

As for our clients, they’re just happy they get what they asked for at a reasonable price. I’d also mention that even though using Jupiter might cost them a few extra bucks in regularmaintenance (to keep the theme secure and stay on top of regular updates) ­ it allows them to stay current over the years as each major update brings new design features and lets us, as their go­to web designers, refresh site designs over time in a much less costly manner. The outcome of this is a site that stays modern and secure for longer. Essentially Jupiter doesn’t only benefit our clients in that it guarantees them a modern, fast­loading, and unique website, it also takes care of us as its primary users, making our lives easier and allowing us to run our business in a more streamlined and better way.

What can Jupiter do for your web design agency?

Here in the Artbees Hive, this question is always at the forefront of our minds. Users such as Kristen and Trent have reinforced and guided the direction of our development to ensure that our themes continue to be more adaptable, increasingly functional and always backed by our Support team! Whether or not you have already used the Jupiter or The Ken, we’d love to hear from you about what you expect from your WordPress Theme of choice! 

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