The 5 Elements of Producing Brochures

Written by Kevin Liew on 19 Sep 2019
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Every business can benefit from creating brochures to support their marketing and advertising campaigns. On top of that, they can also help educate potential customers for your product or service.

Ideally, brochures can improve your business's visibility — that is, if you're able to properly approach their production for advertising purposes.

Let's take a look at a few things to remember when planning out brochures for your business.

1. Use the right dimensions

The size of your brochure is an important consideration. You will want these to be carried by your audience wherever they go. Applications such as Photoshop and Microsoft Word have templates for brochures, but most times, the sizes of these presets do not satisfy the amount of information you want to convey. An 8.5 x 11 template may not be enough to include all the necessary content, so choose a size that works well with your objectives.

2. Come up with the right color scheme

When designing a brochure, it's important to determine the colors to use. Normally, you will opt for a color scheme that matches your brand identity. Moreover, you should aim to limit yourself to not more than three or four colors. Otherwise, you would clutter up the design of your brochure and make it an eyesore for your readers. You also need to make sure there's balance and coherence among all the colors in your brochure. Be sure to include an engaging logo to really push your brand.

3. Give enough white space

Readability is important if you want to produce brochures that can impress your audience. In fact, the better they can read your brochures, the more likely they will end up buying a product or service from you. That being said, make sure to provide as much white space on your brochure as you can. This should help you make your typefaces easier to read.

4. Create compelling copy

Designing the visual components of a brochure is half the battle. The other half involves writing copy that's interesting, informative, and engaging. This is definitely a monumental task for you to handle since it takes a great deal of skill to write concise and well-researched copy that hits all the right targets. Writing effective promotional copy aims to provide value to people. So, when you create brochures for new products or services, you will have to write succinct descriptions that highlight the best of what your products can offer. Top it all off with engaging calls-to-action that tell the reader to "Buy" or "Make a call".

5. Get quality printing services

A well-designed brochure is ruined by poor print quality. Blurry and runny prints would definitely make a bad impression on your customers. It all boils down to your choice of a printing service. To be on the safe side, you should look for trusted commercial printers that can handle both personal projects and marketing campaigns that require a large quantity of brochures to be printed. FedEx printing services, for example, can help you produce and distribute quality promotional materials for your business.

Brochures are a great way to put your business front and center. In order to achieve success through them, it's important to apply the tips above for creating readable printed content that's right for your business.

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