7 mistakes to avoid while creating an advertisement

Written by Kevin Liew on 19 May 2017
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Advertising is an integral part of the business, and one may not be able to achieve the optimum sales without the right advertising. With the advent of online platforms and their usage by the people, the significance of advertising, specifically, targeted advertising has become even more important.

Today, people have a lot of options in evry product niche, and it's much easier to buy products. Thus, one needs to create highly impressive, targeted, effective advertisements which can convey the right message to the target audience and persuade them to buy

Branding and advertising are two underlying requisites that businesses these days need to focus on, in order to sustain viably. In such scenario, you cannot take the risk of developing and presenting flawed advertisements which aren’t capable of creating the required impact and generating the desired results. Thus, you need to design advertisements very carefully while avoiding every potential mistake.

Here are are the top 7 mistakes which you must avoid in the advertisements:

1. Non Compelling Headline

The headline is the most vital and boldest part of an advertisement, and most of the times, the first thing which people notice about your advertisement.

If you are not sure how to create engaging and best headlines for your advertisement, then, instead of being witty or clever, aim for specificity. Make the headlines as specific as possible and let them communicate only the useful facts about your product/ service.

2. Non Engrossing Visuals

Undoubtedly, a lot of art goes into creating a successful advertisement, and one needs to be very clever with the images and videos being used in the advertisement.  When your ad copy gets too wrapped up in storytelling with stock pictures or vague images, you are likely to miss the mark with your audience.

3. Missing or Poor Call-To-Action

Adding no CTA (Call To Action), or adding a CTA, which is poor in both, appearance and appeal is one of the biggest mistake you can make while developing an advertisement.

After viewing the entire advertisement, if the viewer is impressed with what you are offering, he/she looks for a proper CTA from where they can proceed further towards buying the product or subscribing the services. If your CTA is missing from the advertisement, its of no use and the user would look for another product or service in the same category, and your advertising would go in vain.

4. Don’t Borrow the Interest

Some advertisers believe that they can use an array of objects in the advertisement to borrow, the interest of the people, and once they have grabbed the attention, they will show what the real product or service is and what the advertisement is all about.

For instance, if you are in “Moving and Packing” business, don’t show other things like cute babies, or beautiful sceneries in your advertisement just to get the attention of the viewer. Show what your real business is all about, and gain attention for your business offerings instead of vague things which have nothing to do with your business.

5. Not Using YouTube for Advertising

Not leveraging the power of YouTube videos for advertising your products or services can be a big mistake. Although there are a lot many online platforms available r to communicate to with the target audience, but you still cannot ignore the power and outreach of YouTube advertising.

YouTube has a lot of viewers, and people these days prefer watching videos over reading the text ads or checking the graphics based ad copies. Videos make your advertisements, lively, and propagate the message to a bigger audience. It's important to gain as many YouTube likes as possible to increase the presence of your video.

6. Advertising Everywhere

Let your advertisement budget work harder by simply creating the ads working for the limited selection of media. Advertising everywhere is the gravest mistake that businesses do. Get to know about the media options that have the maximum readership among the target group. Just focus on such media options that may work for your business. Wasting money in the generalist publication makes no sense at all. The advertisement piece must appeal to your target audience.

7. Releasing the Advrtisement on the Wrong Time

Releasing a discount based advertisement on occasions like Diwali and Christmas when most people are on the shopping spree is the best idea, but doing it at a time when people don’t want to shop much like in the month of March may be your biggest mistake.

The right timing is very important to ensure that your advertisement generates the optimum results, and helps you increase your ROI. Focus on the right timing , and present the best offers to your target audience at a time when shopping or subscribing your service makes the most sense.

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