21 Uniquely Designed Business Card

Written by Kevin Liew on 05 Oct 2010
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Business cards are really important as it represents your identity. Nowadays, business card is no longer restricted to rectangle design, but in different shapes and colors. In this post, I have found 21 uniquely designed business cards for your inspirations. Enjoy :)

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Childmonster 14 years ago
Nice of list card :)
Kian Ann 14 years ago
I sometimes wonder if it is good to have a odd shaped business card - the great thing is that people remember you. The bad thing is that when it doesn't fit into a regular card holder - its the first to get discarded!
samson 14 years ago
it's a good & awesome collections.
zizanta 14 years ago
great inspiration
Balaji B.Sutar 13 years ago
Hey Kian it is very nice visiting card designs but it is so costly. this is not for normal persons.
IngramDee 12 years ago
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