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Written by Kevin Liew on 14 Sep 2019
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Branding is an integral part of any companies portfolio, in our digital age, having a good brand is as important as the day to day running of a business. Chances are, at some point within a company’s lifecycle, it would need a Logo, Animated video or video creation and, most importantly, a website. Renderforest offers the ability to create all three from a single online platform.

Most creators know that running in-house development or creation studios come at a high premium. From the various hardware requirements to software purchases and eventually storage. The cost to set up and maintain this infrastructure starts to pile up after a while. What if you could move your studio to the cloud, have both the tools and storage you need, when you need it. Work from anywhere at any time, plus have access to all your creations across any of your devices. Also, we are not talking about just companies and large studios, this also applies to the freelancer and hobbyist who can’t or don’t wish to invest in an expensive toolset to get started. Renderforest allows you these freedoms. Renderforest obits around three main services, logo maker for your branding, video maker for video and animation creation, and website maker for web design.

Logo Maker

To create a good logo, you need creativity, scalability, and insight. While not everyone can be said to be the next Picasso, Renderforest does give you a good head start. With more than 50.000 unique artwork files available, you don’t need to have any design skills. Try different styles, compare them and pick the best one. You can choose one of the options suggested by the system and customize your logo by altering the colors, sizes, and alignment.

But it doesn’t just end there. As we said you will need to make your logo scalable, from use on very small packaging to billboard size renders. That’s why all your creations are in high resolutions. Renderforest also offers 20+ high-end professional mockups which you can use in your SMM, brochures, flyers and other design environments. The process from start to finish can take just a few minutes, leaving you feeling like a pro with minimal effort but spectacular results.

If you are so inclined, take one step further and animate your Logo. Create a unique sequence that is just for you which can be used in intros and other video works.

Video Maker

This brings us into the Video creation part of the Renderforest services. When it comes to video creation and animation, a lot of work is needed to create quality content regardless of what you are creating. So what if I told you that you could create professional intros, animations, slideshows, and music visualizations without any technical skills in minutes. This is the exact promise Renderforest delivers on. Doesn’t matter if you are doing something as simple as animating your company’s logo, telling a story of the adventures of far off places or creating a business presentation to wow your shareholders and get them on board with your latest project. All the above become not just possible but far easier to implement using Renderforest Videomaker tools.

The best part is you don’t have to start from scratch. With an expansive library of video templates, you can make the magic happen in just a few easy steps. From creating slideshows that are on another level, regardless if its a personal or a wedding slideshow, corporate presentation or a birthday video, you can create your video online with ease. The tools are there with lots of materials to use in your content plus more than 500 video templates to create any kind of video with over 10.000 animated scenes, all that’s left is to see just what wonders you can create.

Website Builder

Everyone wants a dazzling website, something to hold the visitor's attention but at the same time passing along their message or even generating revenue. But the cost and time constraints of outsourcing such services usually leave users with poorly designed works from amateurs or a bill to heavy to even contemplate. A good website should be SEO friendly, have a well planned and executed layout that is easy to read and navigate through, should be mobile friendly with the ability to render perfectly on all mobile devices, plus it should be dynamic and allow for easy updates and changes to the content on-demand.

This usually involves lots of coding and technical know-how on the intricacies of web development and management. Not something for the uninitiated. But fret not. Renderforest does away with all of that, making it possible to eat your cake and still have it. Throw coding conventions out the window, edit on the fly, both on mobile and PC, plus have access to beautiful and SEO ready templates that don’t just look pretty but comes with drag and drop blocks to enhance the overall look, feel and function. A simplified editing process ensures you get the best quality without spending hours in the editor.

Hence it doesn’t matter if you are a well-seasoned web developer or a complete novice in the art of web development, you can still create beautiful websites and web content in a very short timeframe. Plus Renderforest gives you the ability to publish to your own domain taking away the stress of migration or uploading your designed content.

Going through the features and functions that Renderforest has to offer, it's easy to see that it’s a well thought out and practical service but what makes it stand out in the creative space?


First on this list would be the cost of having this service. Any of the branding tools listed in the Renderforest Portfolio can be found elsewhere or even with dedicated services such as Adobe and others but Renderforest starts with no price entry barrier. Starting with a free plan and moving on with various pricing structure, it allows for flexibility of use based on what is in your pocket with the ability to try out the service first. So regardless if you are a full development studio or a student trying to make some extra cash on the side, there is a tiered plan for everyone. Just taking it out for a simple cost nothing so why not give it a try.

Ease of use:

Now this is a big one, more features usually means more complexity so finding the right balance between features and function is not always easy plus the software designers are not always the software users. Renderforest finds the perfect between giving all the must have features and more, with a simple and intuitive workspace that makes using the platform so easy that there is barely a learning curve involved. No one wanted to spend days or weeks learning how to use a new tool but here you are presented with one that just works, letting an amateur feel like a profession with minimal effort.


Never belittle the power of cloud computing, being able to access your information and content from anywhere, make changes from a mobile interface (Website maker) on the go and having access to your project regardless of what system you are using  makes the old days of moving content with physical drives a thing of the past.


When selecting a cloud service for content creation, it's always at the back of your mind how reliable they are, after all, you can't have your data vanishing because the provider moves or has downtime. But this doesn’t apply to Renderforest, being listed amongst the top 100 software companies means they have an outstanding reputation and one that’s worthy of trust.


Nothing beats being able to cut your workload in half. With design and video templates, all available within the system, you not only have access to artwork and ideas but valuable insights into the creative process which makes for faster turn around. So instead of facing weeks or even months of hard work to get your desired outcome, not you just spend a fraction of that time without compromising on quality.

So is Renderforest the right solution for you?

This depends on what you do and what you need. If you require a platform that allows you to create beautiful designs, be it for logos, video content or web creation, then Renderforest has something to offer you. Regardless of being an amateur or a professional, you can cut your workload and time frames substantially or in some cases, down to just minutes. Plus you don’t even need to spend anything to try it out and still get the feature-rich functions.

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