How to redesign your logo for greater success in 2022

Written by Kevin Liew on 05 Apr 2022
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The logo is what the potential buyer pays attention to first of all. It is on him that the consumer's first impression of the brand, its goods and services depends. A memorable and interesting logo can significantly increase the prestige of the company, its sales, as well as its popularity. That is why it is necessary to put forward special requirements for the creation of a logo and its modification.

The rebranding of the company includes many different stages and one of them is the change of the logo. At the same time, the old company logo has already managed to be remembered by many customers and in order not to lose, but to attract their attention, the logo changes should not be cardinal and include elements of the old logo. The old logo has its own history, its visual modification and addition will complement the image of the company in the eyes of customers, and also show that the company is actively developing.

Why it is worth rebranding

Rebranding is carried out for various reasons, among which it can be noted:

  • Expansion of the company, as well as its entry into new markets,

  • The brand and logo in particular are obsolete and it is necessary to modernize it,

  • The presence of competitors in the market who provide the best quality of products or services,

  • The company has set itself new tasks,

  • Serious mistakes were made during the advertising campaign or the positioning of the product on the market,

  • For various reasons, the reputation of the brand was violated,

  • Customers don't know the brand.

At the same time, when rebranding, the following goals should be fulfilled:

  • Expansion of the target audience, which should be interested in the brand,

  • Improving the brand image and reputation,

  • Increase brand awareness and popularity.

To solve most of the tasks, a rebranding of the logo is necessary, since it will be the main component of all advertising companies. At the same time, it is better to make changes to the logo based on the reasons for rebranding.

Current and trending tips for changing the logo in 2022


In the modern world, advertising is located almost everywhere, and users practically do not pay attention to it. A bright logo will stand out against the background of familiar logos, which will simply make consumers pay attention to it. If the consumer of services and goods has paid attention to the logo, then in most cases he will remember it and eventually, when searching for goods, he will make a choice in favor of a familiar logo.

At the same time, one of the advantages of this trend is that there is no need to completely change the logo, which will allow you to leave part of its history. This will not only attract the attention of new consumers, but also retain regular customers or customers. In addition, a brand with a history causes more trust among end customers.


All companies are actively developing. Companies that do not expand and do not enter new markets are often closed. Given that companies are releasing new products or expanding their services, it is logical to add new elements to the logo that will show consumers that the company is actively expanding. At the same time, you can also save the original version of the logo with its history, which will increase the prestige of the brand and preserve the connoisseurs of the brand.

You can add new elements using layering. This method is a trend in 2022. The main advantage of this trend is the absence of limits and restrictions, which allows you to create a truly unique logo that will reveal the history of the brand as much as possible, as well as show the ways of its further development.


In 2022, it is quite difficult to find a brand that does not have its own official website or social network group. Reducing the logo will allow you to place it both on the official website of the company and on the page in the social network, which will serve as an additional and free advertising of the company. It is also worth considering that small logos can be placed on business cards, in newspapers, various Internet resources and other sites, which opens up additional advertising opportunities.

Animated logos also look interesting at the current time. They can also be placed on various sites, while they can tell a certain story that will be interesting to consumers, which will make them watch the animation to the very end, and this increases the chances that the brand logo will be remembered and eventually the buyer will make a choice in favor of such a brand.


The logo performs a large number of different tasks, both during rebranding and in brand promotion. It is necessary to take its change and creation very seriously, because it will become an intermediary between the buyer and the brand, and the more attention it attracts, the higher the interest in the brand, its products or services will be, which will ultimately significantly increase the company's profit.

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