10 Awesome Freebies for Creative Professionals

Written by Kevin Liew on 06 Nov 2018
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Visual content continues to gain prominence in the digital era. Tweets that contain photos see 150% more retweets than those that don’t have any. The same goes for other social media platforms. Take Facebook for example. Posts with images drive 2.3 times more engagements than those without any.

As you know, creating one-of-a-kind high-quality material is time-consuming. For most companies, teams are usually stretched thin to cover everything that’s thrown at them. This also means creative professionals like you always need to be on the lookout for new design elements because clients want to be unique.

One of the best platforms where you can get incredible design toolkits is Pixelo. With Pixelo, everything you need might be available for free.

Here are 10 awesome freebies available at Pixelo now:

Harrlems Font + Bonus

Dede Mulyadi made the Harrlems font family using a brush pen to give it a handwritten look. This hand-drawn script is ideal for greeting cards, wedding invitations, and social media posts. With this font family, you can add a personal touch to your projects.

As a bonus for downloading this set, you will also receive a vintage-inspired font called Remires Typeface.

Halloween Scene Creator

One of the latest offerings from Pixelo is a Halloween-themed scene creator. This bundle is excellent for talented designers who enjoy making their own social media content. Aside from social media, you can use these scenes for posters, flyers, and other marketing collaterals.

The collection comes with 8 pre-made Halloween scenes. Each scene has over 100 design elements, including backgrounds.

37 Romantic Patterns

Another awesome collection is a romance-themed pattern set created by Eldamar Studio. It comes with 37 high-resolution romantic patterns—from flowers, spirals, to thematic designs.

What’s great about this collection is it’s compatible with any OS you’re using—be it Mac, Windows, or even Linux. You can also import this collection to any software that supports PNG and JPEG files.

50 Christmas Elements

Christmas is right around the corner! Collect this holiday-themed design asset before the orders start to pour in. It’s perfect for scrapbooking, greeting cards, Christmas gifts, logos, and invitations.

The collection consists of more than 50 high-resolution Christmas elements. You can change the element’s colours, or even the whole palette for a set. And this collection is also compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

10 Halloween Cards

Halloween might be over, but that won’t stop people from throwing monster-themed parties all-year round. To prepare for such projects, you will need a thrilling selection of Halloween cards. And this bundle will be perfect for those events!

A collection composed of 10 cards, each features a unique style and form. While it comes in a card layout, you can also use it for invitations, flyers, and posters.

Eldamar Font

Named after the design studio that created it, Eldamar is a unique, detailed font with a handmade look. It will certainly make your designs look classy and sophisticated. The font family looks amazing in all caps. Its wide-set spacing also makes it a readable font.

This is why it would be an excellent font for your logos, headers, invitations, and web layouts. If you want to create intrigue for a book, it will also be great for book covers.

60 Love Patterns

Love is in the air with this next collection! If you still don’t have a love-themed set of patterns in your design library, then you should add this now. Download and receive over 60 high-resolution patterns that are compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

It features floral, abstract, and geometric designs. You can use these patterns to create calendars, invitations, packaging, merchandise and more. You can import all 60 patterns to any software that supports PNG and JPEG files.

Celestina Font

Celestina is the work of designer Pinata. It offers a youthful and vibrant take on handwritten scripts with its small whorls. This font is perfect for adding a personal touch to your designs. It comes in uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, as well as special characters. Aside from the Latin, it also carries a design for Cyrillic characters.

The font is ideal for personal blogs, logos, and designs for handmade crafts. Celestina would also look great on merchandise, including t-shirts and pillows.

36 Subtle Social Media Banners

There’s a lot of ways to spread brand awareness on social media. Aside from posting content, anyone can customize their profile pictures, banners, and headers. With this bundle, you gain 36 new designs for your social media posts. They come in three sizes: one for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Subtle also includes 12 horizontal Facebook designs. You can use these to come up with social media content, including ads and promos. Download Subtle today and get free stock images. With Subtle, there’s no need to hunt for the perfect picture anymore!

46 Vatican Dream Watercolour Vector Elements

Every designer needs to have a set of watercolour elements in their library. With the Vatican Dream, you will have everything you need. It features 46 unique designs—including 22 flower and leaf images. It also has 10 frames, 4 wreaths, 4 seamless pattern styles, and 4 design papers. What’s more, it even has 2 PhotoShop Documents (PSDs) ready for you to edit.

Mix and match several design assets and produce unique online or offline content. You can also use Vatican Dream for invitations, social media posts, and cards. You may even use it to create merchandise such as pillows, plates, and paper bags.

Pixelo offers a myriad of high-quality design assets for marketing, branding, and packaging. You may even get what you need for free. So, browse the selections, and download now!

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