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Written by Kevin Liew on 29 Aug 2018
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In web design and development industry, Wix has been a popular online website builder. You can use Wix website builder to build beautiful website without learning how to code. If you're a coder and want to build something more robust, Wix Code allows you to build database-driven websites with its robust features and intuitive interface.

User friendliness is always one of the main focuses of Wix. Now, they have released a online DIY logo maker that creates professional logo for free. It's so easy to use that you don't even need to use any graphic editing application or design skills!

Wix Logo Maker

A good logo is the most basic element in your branding. It helps customers understand your business, and differentiates you from other businesses. If it's done correctly, it will leave a visual impact and your customers will always remember you.

Wix Logo Maker is an intuitive and professional logo design tool that uses the description of your business and generate a list of logo that matches your requirement.

How it works?

Let's get a quick walkthrough and create logo in a few steps

1. Sign up

First of all, you need to sign up for an account if you haven't already. It's free and you can quickly login with your facebook or google account.


2. Start design your logo

In this step, you can add the name if your business or organization and also an optional tagline.

Wix Logo Maker


3. What's your logo for?

In order to generate the right design and visual, you need to describe your business.

Wix Logo Maker


4. What best describes you?

You will need to tell Wix Logo Maker the personalities of your business by choosing a list of keywords that best described your business.

Wix Logo Maker


5. Do you like these logo designs?

In this step, you will be asked to choose a few design so that Wix Logo Maker will know your style.

Wix Logo Maker


6. Where do you want to use your logo?

Here you get to choose where you going to use this logo.

Wix Logo Maker


7. Processing

After a series of questions, it's time to generate logo!

Wix Logo Maker


8. Choose a logo to Customize

Now you're presented with a list of good looking logo. You get to choose a logo that meet your requirement and further customize it.

Wix Logo Maker


9. Customize logo

I choose one that really close to my needs. In this step, we can change font, icon and colors of the logo. The logo itself is highly customizable. If you aren't good with colours, it has a list of colour combination to choose from.

You can also preview how your logo would look like in website, packaging and name card too.

Wix Logo Maker


Other features

As you can see, Wix Logo Maker is really user friendly and easy to use, with its logo editor, you can easily customize the logo based on your needs.

Here we have some other features:

  • Huge collection of icons, fonts and colours combinations.
  • High-res vector files download
  • Ready to use files for social media (cover photos, profile pictures) that will give you a competitive edge and professional look
  • A matching business website for your logo, designed by AI
  • Option to order and print business cards to match your logo
  • Option for a retouch of your logo by a professional graphic designer

Just have to keep in mind that when you're creating a logo, try to think outside the box, make a unique and a logo that convey your business personality.

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