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Written by Bogdan Sandu on 21 Oct 2020
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An abundant quantity of data is available on the internet today. The process of making information attractive and exciting is an art, and the innovative visualization of data visualization has transformed complex information into an interesting and easily understandable format.

It is observed that visual information is processed faster and better by the human brain when compared to normal text information. Hence, by using charts, graphs, and design elements, the data visualization can assist you in presenting trends and stats easily. The data visualization tool not only enhances the presentation of the information but also improves the visual of the content.

Currently, the presentation of the data in a creative, unique, and interesting manner is a huge asset to the designer as the data visualization has become a standard for disseminating information on the web. The usage of data visualization has been beneficial to industries, business intelligence, and journalism.

Some of the best data visualization websites which attract users with their designs are mentioned as follows:

Why Buses Bunch


Through this website, the folks at Setosa explain the bus bunching concept. Bus bunching is the process the occurs when a bus is delayed, which results in multiple other buses arriving at the same location in the same period. Explaining this concept using numbers and timings is difficult and hard to interpret, so using the visualization tool, they turned it into a user-interactive game. 



Selfiecity is used to navigate the demographic locations of photographers by collecting and assembling thousands of their works. The approach that is implemented by the website is hard to explain with text or images, and thus, utilizing visualization tools has made it easier by developing a giant grid to represent the data by taking the patterns.

Flag Stories


For the individuals who are enchanted by different designs of flags across the world, Flag Stories is the ultimate destination. The website consists of abundant amounts of fascinating photogravures that innovatively presents flags. 

Skyscraper Page 


This page is used to compare every skyscraper of the globe so that everyone can interpret it. All the abundant amounts of buildings that are included in the website are placed adjacent to each other and represented on a chart in such a way that it is easy to separate them and group according to the cities and countries. Also, the website includes extra information regarding the skyscrapers, for example, the construction location and year, the dimensions, etc.

Brand Love Score


Brand Love Score visualizes the content such as insights and sentiments that are obtained from the social media during the weekend of Black Friday. This website is an apotheosis of modern techniques brought of data visualization, and this website enables the users to access and explore tweets in a unique manner. 

A low percentage of websites with data visualization are as sophisticated and advanced as Brand Love Score. And it’s understandable. To create charts like those you need to write some custom code and invest quite a bit in design and dev for it. 

The more affordable option would be to use WordPress charts. Sure, they’re not as eye candy as the custom charts from Brand Love Score but still look great and deliver the point across. 

PBDB Navigator


PaleoBiology DataBase Navigator is a prominent website concerning the students who are pursuing the paleobiology. This is an interactive maps example that help you to navigate the world in context to space, time, and taxonomy. The website comprises all the required and advanced tools to visualize the globe, such as the geological time of the discovery of an organism.



Okela is used for reinventing a radial chart providing it a fantastic new look. This is one of those animated websites that blend clean and elegant aesthetics with interesting datas. This one isn’t an easy one to make so if you have the budget, it’s advisable to get a dev team to help you out with it. 

Information is Beautiful


Information is Beautiful is one that presents data concerning a vast range of concepts in an attractive manner with appropriate designs that assist the user in making comparisons. This website is similar to another website titled The Pudding but with a lot more topics and colors. By using this website, the user can estimate a lot of issues, such as the details regarding the huge data breaches that occurred across the world. 

Languages in the World


The website Languages in the world, as the name suggests is designed to assist the users in exploring different languages and the locations where they are spoken across the world, the most spoken languages in an easily interpretable manner.

The Colors of Motion


The Colors of Motion website is designed for individuals with an explicit interest in data, who explore the web regarding the usage of colors in various films. The site functions by segregating all the frames to color and then groups all of them together to form mesmerizing charts and posters of iconic films.

Falling Through the Gap


The website Falling Through the Gap is the interactive data visualization site from the BBC. In this website, a set of animated dots changes the on scroll action and show complex information at a glance with perfect planning and execution of the animations and idea.

Bird Sounds


Bird Sounds is one of the experiments done by Google, which enables the users to listen and learn voice recordings of nearly ten thousand birds. The home screen of the app consists of all the kinds of sounds which can be played to identify the bird.



The process of making design through Data visualization takes a longer period and dedication to complete. One of the best examples is the Symbolikon website, which is developed by Michela Graziani. It is a vast collection of various characters that originated from individual cultures. The site comprises nearly seven thousand symbols in over 28 categories, and it's still growing.

NYPL’s Public Domain Library


The New York Public Domain Library is an assembly of collectibles which are dated to an ancient time. This website is another engaging application that is highly dependent on data that comprises an abundance of items belonging to the eleventh century. Some of these collectibles include letters from historical figures, the seventh map of Europe, vintage photos, etc. Another prominent feature offered by the web application is that it helps the user to arrange all of the collection according to the century, genre, color, and group.

Global Commodities


Although the spinning globe visualizations are attractive in presentation, at times, a lot of data gets clogged and pops up in different colors. As the data is about imports and exports around the globe for the past ten years, visualization helps in presenting it in an interactive manner according to types of commodities, years, and locations.

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