Wix Code - A Powerful Tool to Create Robust Websites

Written by Kevin Liew on 07 Dec 2017
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As a frontend developer for many years, I'm always happy to try different type of CMS that could power my website or web application. From simple flat file CMS to database CMS, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, today, I'm going to introduce a new way that works really well.

Let me introduce a robust tool - Wix Code - a brand new product that lets you build robust web applications with all of the stunning visual features of the Wix editor. Wix is a popular tools to build a beautiful website for people who doesn't know how to code. Its web creation tool has been serving over 110 million users. Now, they have created a powerful tool for developer like me.

You will be able to create a dynamic website, display content from the database and present it on Wix's beautiful templates. Here's the top 4 main features:

Database & Dynamic Pages

Wix Code makes building web applications and database-driven websites simple. It's serverless, hassle-free coding. You can set up Database Collections which stores your website content data, form submission entries. With its built-in content manager, it's easy to manipulate each record including import and export via CSV files.

Besides that, you can also control the user privileges - add, edit and view it. You will get unlimited storage and access.

Now, you will be able to create dynamic pages by using the database and load it into a single template. All the dynamically created pages will be SEO optimized as well.

User Input

Creating a form can be a pretty tedious task. Usually, there're two ways to handle collected data - save it or send it to an email. Then, you will need validations for all required fields to ensure you collect the right data. With Wix Code, it eliminates all that. You can create application forms, quizzes without writing code and collected data will be automatically stored in the database.

Custom Interactions

Wix Code doesn't just display your data dynamically, but you can also add user interactions for great user experiences. Good thing is, you don't have to be a javascript expert to do this, it's a built-in feature in Wix Code to easily create interactions.

The APIs

If you need full control of your site, Wix Code has a comprehensive list of APIs. You will be able to interact with the database, page elements, and external services. However, you will need to know Javascript. Click here to check out the API.

Documentation & examples

For a tool to be great, it need to have a good documentation with working examples. There're steep learning curves in learning new tools, but Wix Code has prepared comprehensive resources such as video, articles, examples and API references. All these resources will be able to help you kick start a project with Wix Code as soon as possible.


With all the above features, creating web applications and robust websites can't be any simpler. Wix Code is available now and you can sign up today. To find out more, visit Wix Code.

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