2018 WordPress Website Checklist For Launching A New Website

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Apr 2018
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WordPress has been a popular CMS for years. It can power personal blogs and also commercial websites. Due to its good documentation, plugins and robust API, it's a popular choice for the developers. It's flexiblbe and can be customized to serve different purposes of websites.

Here we have a comprehensive cheatsheets for launching a new WordPress website created by Makewebsitehub.com.  It includes a list of useful reminders to ensure you don't miss important settings. Also, it cover a list of important security configurations to ensure your website does not expose sensitive server information and prevent hackers to penetrate your website.

Make sure you've bookmarked this cheatsheet, it will be really handy during website launch.


WordPress Checklist From Makeawebsitehub.com

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