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Written by Kevin Liew on 22 Jun 2014
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When starting out with your website, you have to take into account a lot of things, like hosting, domain name and the sort. Also, you shouldn’t disregard the visual element of a site. The look of your site will be very important for users. It doesn’t matter how interesting your information is, odds are that if your website isn’t presentable, users will just navigate away.

Therefore, we’ve made up a top 20 of the best teams that design themes for WordPress sites. So, if you’re on the market for such a website, take a look.


If you’re looking for experience and dedication, Meanthemes is the way to go. It’s very likely that you’ve already seen some of their handy-work online, seeing as they have been around for more than 10 years. Also, anything you might need with regards to WordPress themes, be sure that this team is perfectly equipped to supply it. Want to know how we’re so sure? Let’s just put it this way: they’ve been familiar with WordPress ever since it was just a blog.

Meanthemes wants to work with you in the long run. They’re interested in creating a long and stable relationship with all of their clients, not just a onetime deal. They aim to create beautiful, eye-catching themes that will meet your every desire and construct a relationship based on trust and respect between them and their clients. To this end, they’ve made their interfaces as easy to use as possible, they’ve invested time and energy into creating flexible, cutting-edge themes and providing you with top notch support. Go now to their website and as soon as you buy one of their themes you will have access to a dedicated support system that is willing and able to resolve all your issues within 48 hours, if not (as is usually the case) sooner.


PremiumCoding team welcomes you to check out their beautiful WordPress Blog Themes designed for every aspiring blogger out there.They develop WordPress themes for almost 10 years and over the last few years, they decided to go back to the roots and focus on building and creating stunning WordPress Blog Themes. Themes are all carefully designed, from typography to all the small details that make a blog Theme unique and fresh.

They also offer lite versions of some of their blog themes, so you can first take them on a test drive. So do checkout Everly Lite and Ragnar Lite and start your blogging journey without hassle.


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SoloStream believe in: simplicity, effectiveness, beauty, leading edge and…pizza. This is really all you need to know in order to be assured that this team values its integrity, but loses nothing on the easy-going, fun side. SoloStream has been putting out elegant, fresh themes for quite a while now and their client base ranges from small to large businesses.

The team aims to create themes that are easy to use, completely compatible with all browsers and search-engine optimized. They’ve been consistently putting out top notch themes over time and they show no signs of stopping. You can go to their website right now and, by purchasing a $99 Silver membership, you’ll receive instant access to all their current themes, all their future themes as long as you’re a member and some of the best technical support available. You’ll have everything you need to get your website up and running from documentation, to video tutorials and support forums.


With over 50 themes to choose from, ranging from business to magazine, hobby or restaurant, the WPZOOM team offers a wide variety of professionally built WordPress templates. Being detail-oriented, the team manages to provide users with pixel-perfect designs that are also very well-organized, so no matter how much content your website will have, the themes manage to make it look great. Every theme comes with the WPZOOM Framework built in so you can control most of the settings such as the featured slider, thumbnail displays, font control, banner areas, slideshows or basic SEO. So, not only do the WPZOOM themes look really good, but they’re also very easy to use. And if you encounter any problem, the team is there to help you. They offer great customer service and support, so you’ll get help in no time. Speaking about time, the themes from WPZOOM do very well when it comes to speed. So hurry up and check them out!


With loads of various WordPress themes to choose from, Shape5 gives you high-quality designed themes that are not only easy to use, but also eye-catching. Having 7 years in the business, the Shape5 team has a lot of experience when it comes to designing great themes. They create a wide range of themes including ecommerce, business, church, charity, sports, travel and many others. The themes are optimized to run on any sort of device and they are also customizable, which means you can change certain settings in order to make the theme more appropriate to your tastes. All in all, if you’re looking for creative designs and highly functional themes, you will definitely find them at Shape5.


The Themeisle group welcomes you to their island of WordPress themes with a very fun and entertaining website. Besides offering demos for each theme, they also let you get a glimpse of the theme admin part. They’re very considerate of their clients and they offer support even if you decide to leave them. Moreover, you can get you money back – no questions asked. They also understand the lack of time, so they provide easy to install themes.


Readable and Organique are two of the newest themes created by ProteusThemes, that are focused on readability and are very versatile, as are the rest. All of their themes are responsive and flexible, not to mention, visually appealing. The team provides support for their customers so if you encounter a problem you will get help in less than 3 hours. Moreover, they even recorded video tutorials that help users with the products.


MintThemes have put out 13 themes by now and at the rate they’re going, you can rest assured that there are more to come. What recommends this team is their elegant and memorable style. They’ve managed to round up approximately 12600 customers and they’re not stopping. They’ll give your site a clean, fresh look and will give you any support you need from begging to end.


PixFlow has featured items on Themeforest and “Featured video” on videohive, but the team aren’t sitting back and just enjoying the fruits of their labor. They consistently put out beautifully designed themes that come fully equipped with video tutorials and first rate support. Go to their website right now and take a look at exactly what the team can do for you.


TeslaThemes offers modern themes with elegant and attractive designs. On their website you’ll find themes to suit any category from bloggers, to developers or creative agencies. With dedicated 24/7 support for all their premium themes, responsive design and in-house designed framework, your experience with TeslaThemes will surely be a positive one. Also, go to their site right now and use the code “TESLAPROMO” to get 20% off any purchase.


Whether it’s gaming websites, fantasy or sci-fi blogs, gaming clan website, social reach or crowdfunding, SkywarriorThemes have it all. The team will offer you some of the most beautifully crafted designs out there, accompanied by excellent functionality and first rate support. Go to their home page and find out just how much you can get at a starting price of only $55.

Pixel Union

Browsing through the Pixel Union themes will certainly help you find the one that you’re looking for. There’s a great variety you can choose from and they’re all very well designed, organized and flexible. The visuals are also really good and the team of designers provides you with support and helps you with any information you need.


If you’re looking for the best mix of flexibility, functionality, user friendliness and attractive design, take a look at what Hogash has to offer. The team has created some amazing themes that include SEO optimization and cross browser compatibility. When using their themes, you’re assured that all your visitors will interact with a well-designed, user oriented website that will create a long lasting favorable impression.


Articles about how animated, interactive designs are the hottest trend around are popping up everywhere and if you want to get in line with them, Qodeinteractive is the team to go with. They’ll offer you amazing Retina Multi-purpose themes that will blow you and your website visitors away. Check them out right now and don’t hesitate to contact them if you like what you see.


The themes from Ait-themes are so easy to install and use, that even a beginner can have his website up and running in no time. You can choose from a very diverse assortment of themes that are visually appealing, well organized and also flexible. One of the most popular is Langwitch, a theme that can be translated to 16 languages.

Obox Themes

Obox promise to put out some of the easiest to use themes that you’ll ever come across. Add to that their determination to make each and every one of their customers special and meet all their requirements with perfectly tailored themes and you’ve got one of the most impressive teams out there. Go online to their webpage and find out just what Obox can do for you and get a first hand experience with their amazing customer support.

Themes Awesome

With 2-4 new themes released every month, Themes Awesome surely knows how to keep up with the trends and satisfy their customers. So far, you can choose from about 14 well-designed themes that besides being functional and easy to use, can also provide the user with a great visual experience. For only $3.9 you can have one of these awesome themes.


ShopitPress has one of the best equipped teams out there. They’ll offer you a stable framework, 12 months’ worth of full support, forum and documentation access and one year’s worth of updates. Add to this that all their themes are fully supported cross browser and infinitely customizable and you’ll wonder, as do we, how it can be possible for a starting price of $59/theme. Go to their website and find out.


Kubasto seems to work on an “action speaks louder than words” motto. The designer and his team have extensive experience in designing WordPress themes. Although their assortment of themes is not very wide, the themes are very well-designed and can be used in more than one kind of business. So you should definitely check them out.


With features such as sliders, styling options or custom menu integration, InkThemes provides professionally built themes that are well designed and easy to use, not to mention, really easy to install. After choosing the theme that suits you best from a variety of over 40 great themes, you’re just one click away from creating your own website.

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