No More Adobe Flash, Ookla Speedtest is now in HTML5

Written by Kevin Liew on 02 Mar 2016
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Every times I need to test Internet connection speed, Ookla Speedtest is always the first place to go. If you have used it before, you should remember the loading screen is always quite sluggish and slow due to Adobe Flash.

Ookla has been relying on Adobe Flash to deliver its speedtest service for quite some times now, and this time, due to the maturity of modern web technologies and powerful browsers, they are getting ready to ditch Adobe Flash in favor of HTML5. That means, you will get speedier performance and no longer need to install third party plugin.

The HTML5 Speedtest is redesigned with the trendy flat design. Just like the Flash version, it also has a gauge in the center to indicate download and upload transmission speeds. Even though it's in Beta, it actually work really well.

On the other hand, while this might not be a big news, but this move from a popular service like Ookla indicates the inevitable death of Flash is approaching. In case you missed this, Google has recently announced that they will drop the support of Adobe Flash-based online ads. Advertisers are advised to use HTML5 instead. That's another nail in Flash's coffin.

With the call to kill Adobe's Flash is rising, we can see more and more companies (YouTube, Mozilla, Scrib, Google, Facebook...) ditch it. Sooner or later, there will be no more Flash, it proves Steve Jobs was right.

Visit Ookla HTML5 Speedtest Beta

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