5 Best Responsive Video Background Templates For Your Website

Written by Kevin Liew on 05 Mar 2018
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A video background is a platform to strengthen your website. If you opt for a video background, the effect feels like a ‘double screen’ on your written content.

People like it when they see what they are reading and what they are viewing – their concepts become aligned. In this way, they don’t get bored and spend more time on your website. This in turn, improves your SEO and you generate revenue in the form of advertisements and potential clients.

Even if you feel that your content or multimedia animations are not up to the mark, a background video will holistically improve your website’s weaknesses and present a good vibe in front of the visitors. The trend of web development has been shifted towards the addition of at least one video background.

To increase your website worth, checkout the following responsive video background templates.

NOTE: These templates have been handpicked from webdesignblog.info

1. Impressive Creative Video Background Template by Creations

This video background offers a full screen layout. The coolest part is that the video background is 100% customizable. You can engage your visitors and make your web pages interactive to whatever extent you see fit, by inclusion of this template.

The video template is 100% compatible with iOS, android and all smartphones. The template offers around 10 designs which are fully compatible as well as customizable.

2. Inshot Video Background Template

If you own a travelling blog or if you are a photography enthusiast, the following template is highly recommended for you. This is because in both categories, you need a large display to show your content. Without making your website look boring, you get a video background besides your layer of content.

The Inshot provides a comprehensive video portfolio background which can also be used to display your artwork. A user can easily interact with the layout design. A hefty collection of 17 styles are offered by the template. Pick whatever you like and rock your website.

3. Revert Minimalistic Resume Video Background Template

People who are hiring candidates for their organizations receive a lot of applications and have little time to go through all of them.

If you choose a template which offers a sleek design to enhance your CV, chances are that you will get your dream job. The ‘Revert Minimalistic Resume’ video background displays your professional portfolio with its inbuilt program features. The modes are also bootstrap compatible.

4. Universal Multipurpose HTML5 Video Background Template

As the name indicates, the video background template is ‘universal’ in nature. You can use it for multiple functionalities. The interface is nice and friendly + the template will look good with all types of websites. Be it be of a software company, logistics or an eatery business, you can customize the layout according to your preferences.

Even if you don’t want to go for full fledge videos, you can include a small ‘gif’ which repeats to attract audience.

5. V-King Personal Portfolio and Resume Video Background Template

This is the ultimate personal portfolio and resume enhancing video background template. To make your profile standout from fellow competitors, you should use the following video background template. The interface is extremely friendly and easy to operate. The added themes offer corporate touch to your finishing work.

The template offers you 4 background versions along with diverse themes. Use your imagination – play with the interface. You can also search the internet about the ways to make your website look good.

A Word of Advice

These video background templates are one of a kind and can increase your worth in the eyes of future employers and potential clients. The best part is that you get to save your time searching for the best templates, because our team has already filtered them out for you.

Download them now to stun your competition.

If you wish to see more awesome video background templates, visit the webdesignblog.info

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