7 Effective Tips to Build a User-Friendly Mobile App

Written by Kevin Liew on 11 Oct 2018
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Every app that gains wide acceptance in the market is defined by its ability to impress users. Users are impressed by applications that are simple to use and efficient at what they do. There are a couple of effective building techniques you can use to make your app user-friendly. The following are some of the crucial tips to apply in this regard.

1. Know your users

The primary focus should be on learning about your user base. When you know what your customers need, then you can be able to create a product that impresses them. As an app owner, you should take a small survey on what exactly makes your users excited about the app. You can then use the feedback to create a remarkable app.

2. Use a simple design

You should also focus on making the app design simple and effective. Complicated designs tend to put off a lot of users. The goal should be to create an application that can be appreciated even by the most basic mobile user.

3. App Testing and UI Testing

It is crucial for every app to go through a meticulous app testing procedure. Testing the application allows for the removal of bugs and other issues that might prevent the success of the app. UI testing is also important to ensure that the app works like it was designed to. A good software testing company is thus a vital companion if you want to create an app that is user-friendly and appealing to all users.

4. Optimize offline performance


It is also important to make sure that the app is performing well even when it is not connected to the internet. There are many mobile app users around the world who spend a considerable amount of time with their mobile phones disconnected from internet services. You should ensure that they are able to use the app at all times.

5. Avail the app to all platforms

Another important aspect of user-friendliness is accessibility. Mobile app users also use other devices that possibly have different operating systems. If they love your application, they would definitely appreciate to have it across the different platforms they use. Making your app available in all platforms will thus make it have a huge appeal on the masses.

6. Check performance constantly

It is also important to ensure that your application is running smoothly at all times. Even the most useful apps become a sore when they are not performing well. You should thus make a point of optimizing your application to suit the different device specifications. Producing constant reports on the performance levels will be important to this end.

7. Do maintenance work

Finally, every application needs to have scheduled maintenance tasks over the course of its time in the market. Successful and user-friendly apps are those that keep getting constant updates. With evolving technology, applications need to be fixed and optimized often. If a new operating system is launched, for instance, you should check whether your application is performing well in the new dispensation.

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