SEO Tips for Image-Based Websites

Written by Kevin Liew on 21 Jan 2018
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Search Engine Optimisation, commonly abbreviated as SEO, is the key to success for any website. It is what determines the search engine rank which is crucial for viewers to find it. But when it comes to a photo based website, SEO is a different ball game altogether since the focus is mainly on photos, instead of words. This makes it a big challenge as one has to climb up the ranks with minimal words to aid their SEO. Here are some SEO tips to help improve the ranking of photo website.

Provide good content

The importance of content cannot be more emphasised. It is important to remember that irrespective of what one does, the content is the real focus of any website. It is what the viewers come in for, and at the end of the day, content is going to keep any good website floating. Therefore, make sure that the website features high quality and engaging content, which will draw the viewers. The key to offering good content is proper research and a thorough understanding of the niche.

Use the right keywords

As photo-based website, the number of words one can use is severely restricted, therefore, one must place the text content with some thought. SEO is largely keyword driven, which makes the right placement of keywords important. Do some keyword related research and find out which keywords are popularly searched by the users. This will give a fair idea regarding the placement of anchor texts.

Utilise image descriptions

Make the best use of text for images for a higher SEO ranking. Firstly, give the images a file name, which offers a fair description of the photo so that when a viewer performs a Google search by image descriptions, the result will yield the content in the said search. Adding alt texts, which are short and relevant textual description of the picture will also further this aim. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer the facility of tags, which allow a viewer to share the image on these respective platforms without going through a few extra steps. It is a good idea to include the Open Graph tags and Twitter Card tags so that the end viewers can easily share the images on social media, which will also contribute to improving the search engine visibility.

Optimise images

The size of the image one uploads also has a significant impact on the SEO rankings. Optimise the size of the image in such a manner that it is neither too small for the screen, nor is it so big that it hampers the loading of the image. Do not take the viewer’s patience for granted because they would not wait for a heavy page to load. Segment the website into different pages to keep the number of images in one page to an optimum number so that there is no hitch in loading the page.

Make the presence felt

The adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is extremely true for the internet users. Not posting at regular intervals, means that one is bound to lose out on their audience to someone who makes their presence felt. Maintain a regular posting schedule to hold on to the viewer base.

There is always a formula to work out the right thing, be it applying to college or raising search engine rankings. It is true that photo based websites are slightly different when it comes to SEO building activities, but with these tips it is certain to be able to improve the SEO of one’s website with much ease.

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