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Written by Kevin Liew on 15 Aug 2013
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Videos have caught imagination of the business community and they serve as a great promotional tool. Today most businesses are making extensive usage of videos to market their brand and products in front of their customers. From business conclaves to social networking sites, video marketing is becoming popular with small and medium businesses just like their giant rivals.

Creating a video for your business allows you to communicate your idea to the customers and clients in a personalized manner. With many online video creation tools available, creating an animated video complete with texts and graphics is no longer rocket science. These tools allow you to create videos from scratch without having to learn any advanced software.

MakeWebVideo is one such online tool that allows you to create videos in no time. It is an exceptionally user-friendly tool that allows you to create a video without possessing any technical skills related to video editing. Basic skill with the computer is all that it takes to create an animated video. All that you are required to do is pick up a template and customize it with your text, photos, footage and music. There is no requirement to install any software or application on your workstation as the entire video creation is processed online within the browser. The biggest benefit – you won’t spend hours in creating a video!

Look And Feel

You will fall in love with this tool at the very first glimpse. Most business videos rely on the content and hence you won’t come across too many fancy tools in the interface. This means there is less confusion compared to other online video tools. There are however all the essential elements that you would require in creating a video. Select a template and get started with it. You can easily add footage, text, images and graphics on your workspace while creating the video.

Three Step Video Creation

The developers of this tool have focused on usability to make it into a tool that can be used by the masses. You can create a video in three easy steps:

#Step One – In the first step you will need to choose one of the many templates that best matches the idea of your video or that of your business.

#Step Two – This is the most important step in the creation of the video. Here you will need to insert the texts, footages, pictures and graphics that you want in your video. You can easily customize the various elements in your video.

#Step Three – In the last stage with a single mouse click you shall generate your video. Now you can share and embed it wherever you want.

Core Features of MakeWebVideo

  • Hosting Services – MakeWebVideo offers you hosting services along with the videos. You won’t need to look for an expensive service provider to host your videos. The videos are hosted on a secured and fast server that allows users to share and embed the videos elsewhere. This is one of the highlighting features of this online tool
  • Multiple Formats – This online tool supports all the major video formats that are popular formats including HTML5 video formats. You can easily download the video as an MP4 and WEBM than can easily be uploaded in video sharing and social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Wide Range of Templates – To cater to the needs of all categories of customers this online tool comes with a wide range of templates that meets all kinds of needs and taste. Templates include Ink Effect, 3D Design, Slideshow, Text Only, Cartoon, Tablet, Children, Scrapbook, Pop-Up Book, Corporate and Animated Explainer among others.

  • 3D Graphics – The high quality video template allow you to make use of 3D graphics and advanced special effects that can make your view look more attractive and create a strong impression about your business. In fact this tool can bring in 3D effect to your ordinary images and make them look attractive.
  • Compatible With Multiple Platforms - This online video software works on all major browsers thus you can get started without having to install any third-party software or tool in your workstation. Also this toll runs on all the major operating systems - Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Animated Explainer – It is one of the most popular templates in MakeWebVideo. This allows you to create an animated video for your customers. This is definitely one of the most potent ways to grab a customer’s attention.
  • Full HD Videos – With the help of this online tool you will be able to create full HD videos something that is in high demand these days. All the videos in this tool are produced using video produced with Adobe After Effects at the backend. This is one of the most popular video editing software known for its quality and versatility.

Short Turnaround Time

It takes about 30 minutes for you to create a video and the entire workflow is managed by you. The core idea behind the development of this tool has been to do away with manual labor in creating a video. Most of the steps are automated to ease the process. This flexibility allows you to create and publish videos as and when is required to promote your business. From answering FAQs to announcing product launches you can bid goodbye to articles and other kinds of text content.


As far as the pricing is concerned MakeWebVideo is far ahead of most of its competitors. You can get a professional animated video for as low as $19 USD. This makes it highly affordable for the small and the medium businesses and gives them a chance to rub shoulders with their competitors. You can also create a preview video free and get a glimpse of what this online tool is capable of. That’s not all the company also promises you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the video.

Advantages of MakeWebVideo

  • You will draw advantage from highly professional Adobe After Effects templates that have been designed by expert video makers. These people have decades of experience in making videos for businesses.
  • The video is created on the browser and hence there is no need to install any third-party software or application.
  • There is a dynamic preview system in this web application. This allows you to get a glimpse of your final product as you go.
  • Templates available in the tool are contemporary and meet different kinds of needs that a business might have.
  • The online workspace can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This makes the workstation irrelevant in the creation of the video.
  • Sample videos available in the site offer you a glimpse of what is trending in the world and you can incorporate the contemporary ideas into your video.


If you are planning to create a professional video for your business, MakeWebVideo is perfect value for money. It gives you ample scope to customize and personalize a video to match the exact requirements of your business. The possibilities with this online video production software are just endless and it all depends on your creativity on how much you can stretch it. The added advantage of hosting services makes this online tool the best in its class. A must try for any business that is looking to create a video.

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Particia 10 years ago
Hi Kevin,

Great walkthrough of makewebvideo :)

Though such sites are great for DIY videos, the quality that you get isnt really agency quality.

I work at which provides template based explainers for folk who are on a budget.

Would love it if you can mention us as an alternative for people who want it done for them, at the same cost as what theyd pay for such DIY services as a months fee.

And FYI a video at makewebvideo costs much more than $19 as you reported ( maybe the rates have gone up now)