22 Creative Postcard Designs

Written by Kevin Liew on 21 Sep 2010
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There are different kind of postcard design, the most common one would be those postcards you'll see in souvenier stores with beautiful landmarks, landscape and beaches. In this post, we will be looking at something different, not about travel but for other purposes such as promotion, creative design and others. 22 Beautiful post cards to boost inspirations. Enjoy :)

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Childmonster 14 years ago
Love Postcard #16 :D
diseño web 14 years ago
It’s definitely a great pleasure being here, just keep updating.
parisa Yaghoobian 13 years ago
your postcards is so great.thank you
love postcard #13
Anna 13 years ago
Here's more: 40 Creative and Colorful Postcard Designs http://www.graphicfetish.com/40-creative-and-colorful-postcard-designs/
Zuksel 12 years ago
Thanks! You helped me very much!
fateme 12 years ago
your postcads was great
thank U :)