Tips to Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Tool

Written by Kevin Liew on 07 Jan 2017
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There are plenty of video conferencing tools out there. And that could make it difficult for you to find the right one. With a slew of options to consider, it’s not easy to pinpoint which ones hit the mark. No worries, though. We list here handy tips on how to tell whether you’re making the right choice or not:

Go with a reliable option

You want a conferencing tool you can count on, says Inc. If it breaks down on you in the middle of a delicate negotiation, that could compromise your business dealings or make a negative impression on possible clients. Not exactly what you want when you’re trying to build a global brand or get your own business running from the ground up. So stick with a reliable tool. Because your business, team and clients deserve the best.

Take advantage of free trials

Don’t put your money in any system unless you’ve tried it. That’s where free trials come in. These trials make it easy for you to navigate your way through the system to see if it's the right fit for your needs or not. If it’s too fussy or simply too time-consuming to use, then you’ll know enough not to waste a cent on the paid version. You can move on to the next free trial on your list until you find the one that fits the bills to a tee.

Explore those upgrades

Once you find a video conferencing system that works for you, then don't let those upgrades pass you by. You might find a handy solution to some your communication problems and hassles just by opting for an upgrade. It might cost you a bit more, but the jump in cost-savings and operational efficiency should more than make up for that in the long run.

Assess your needs

What kind of network do you need? Know what kind of system you already have. Then consider whether you still have an existing system you want to keep on using or do you want one that’s entirely new, from top to bottom? You might need to upgrade your existing system too if you want it to be compatible with a new video system you’ve set your sights on, says JCount. So know what systems you already have in place and which plans you plan on keeping. These considerations will affect the kind of system you’re going to go for.

Ask your team

Don't leave your team out of the decision-making process. They're going to use the system as much---if not more—than you will. So you'll need to make sure they take to it with ease. If they find the system too time-consuming or complex, then that's going to get in the way of the user adoption. Check if the problem is simply a lack of proper training. Provide them with user training so they'll know just how to work the system. If things fail to improve, though, that means you'll need to go looking for another tool they can use, one that's a better fit for them.

Consider the scale

Some tools are easy to scale. So you won’t have to worry that the video system might not be enough for to cover the needs of your organization if and when your business starts to expand. With Huddle online conferencing from BlueJeans, you can easily close deals or recruit new clients. The technology makes it easy to turn any space into a huddle room—where you and your team or clients can talk discuss projects or talk about deals and contracts. So if you think video tools might not be able to help your company throughout its expansion and growth, think again. With the right tools, that expansion is sure to go off without a hitch.

Take advantage of collaboration features

A ton of extra features can make a difference in your company's bottom line. If you've got onsite and offsite teams and wanted a tool to improve their collaboration and productivity, then investing in the right video system is a fine idea. With collaboration-ready features, your employees can work better and develop a stronger team spirit. Both are essential to building a strong and united team.

Get playback

Video systems are handy for making online tutorials or training videos. So if you want managers in HQ to impart knowledge and wisdom to the newest batch of recruits in your company, video meetings with playback features can easily make that happen. Your managers don’t have to hop on one plane to another, trying to train as many recruits as they can, especially if you’ve got plenty of branches all over the country or world. With a video system, they can do all that right from their desks. That’s less downtime and more productivity—ultimately, more win—for your company.

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