5 Best Screen Recorder Software

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Jun 2019
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Screen recorders are software that you can use to record screencasts, i.e. video footage from your display. Nowadays there are many options available that facilitate that, but the features of each software can be very different.

Among the many software that are out there, the 5 best screen recorders that you should try are:

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is a powerful screen recorder that has a clean and easy-to-use interface. Its features will let you define the capture area, select any audio sources, capture webcam video, schedule recordings, as well as adjust the volume, frame rate, and other settings.

On top of that the software provides its own built-in editor that can be used to produce impressive content by joining clips together, trimming out unwanted parts, enhancing the video quality, adding audio tracks, applying visual effects, and more. In short the features are in par (or better than) other screen recorders, and it is significantly cheaper too.


Camtasia is a popular screen recorder that has been around for some time and is constantly improving. It is known for being user-friendly yet rich in features and will let you set up and record video from your screen or webcam, as well as audio from various sources.

The editing features in Camtasia are similarly impressive, and it is able to cut and trim videos, add audio tracks, apply visual effects, insert captions, and more. Overall it is an excellent option, but it is much more expensive at $249 for the full version.


Bandicam is a simple and lightweight screen recorder that makes it easy to capture screencast. It can record webcam video and overlay it, record microphone or system audio, schedule recordings, and add in various mouse effects too.

However Bandicam itself doesn’t have any editing features, which is a big drawback. If you want to edit videos you will need to purchase the Bandicam and Bandicut pack that is $60, whereas Bandicam alone is already $39.


Screencast-O-Matic is useful for creating quick screencasts. In fact its free version can not only record the screencast but audio from a microphone and video from a webcam.

However if you want to record videos that are longer than 15 minutes, capture system audio, use editing tools, or add captions – you will need to pay for its monthly subscription that is tiered at $1.50 or $4 per month.


CloudApp is designed primarily to provide businesses with a way to easily record screencasts, and share them. It includes not only tools to record videos from your screen or webcam, but also to host and publish content.

The free version of CloudApp is very limited however, and can only record 5 minute videos and has a 100MB storage limit. Its other tiers of subscription are more expensive at $9, $16, and $51 respectively but provide improved features including editing tools, third party integrations, and fewer limitations.

Final Words

Overall the screen recorders listed above should give you ample options that cater to any of your requirements. As you can see the cost can be a big factor however, which is why opting for one that provides good value for money as is the case with Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is definitely the best option.

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