Use video content to drive sales, traffic and brand loyalty

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Jun 2015
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Did you know that 93% of all marketers currently use video content to help drive sales, increase site traffic, build brand loyalty, and help communicate with their customers? If you’re not in that majority then you’ve come to the perfect place to start using video to engage your audience.

Bigstock has over 100,000 high quality and unique stock videos that is completely royalty-free.

Adding a relevant video to your content can help enhance your brand voice, build engagement, and increase conversions. And Bigstock is a great resource to help you get started.

The Bigstock interface is extremely user-friendly. It throws curated content right up front and allows you to search by category too. Once you jump in, you’ll find even more useful search tools, like the ability to search with keywords, exclude keywords, and filter through web, SD and HD stock footage. Once you’ve found a video, you can select the size and download it straight to your computer, and begin using it immediately.

Bigstock wants to help you with the tools to help you separate yourself from the pack, and to put your projects in motion.

If you’re still not sure that you need to spice up your content with great videos, Bigstock offers a free trial, so you can see the results for yourself. At the end of your trial, you’ll continue on into one of Bigstock's video subscription plans. (You can cancel the Free Trial or your subscription at any time.) Signing up is easy and you’ll have access to over 100,000 videos that tackle every topic you could think of.

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Sign up for a 7-day free video trial today! You can choose up to 5 royalty-free HD video clips a day, free for 7 days. You can cancel at any time.


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