Why You Should Take Bridal Portraits Before Your Wedding Day

Written by Kevin Liew on 17 Sep 2018
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Weddings are steeped in tradition. From having the traditional “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” to ensuring that the bride and groom don’t see each other before the ceremony, there are a lot of customs that brides and grooms are pressured to follow. Despite the long-standing traditions, though, many couples are choosing to take a more modern approach and adapt those traditions or do away with them altogether. For example, only 9 percent of couples feel that wedding favors are important, and 24 percent of brides are shopping for dresses that are any color but white.

While wedding traditions have their place and you may want to take part in a certain few, not all wedding traditions are necessary and can even make things more complicated when it comes to planning and executing the big day—one of those being the groom not being allowed to see his bride in her dress until the ceremony. While getting to see the display of emotion on your groom’s face as you walk down the aisle and he sees you in your dress for the first time is a special moment that you may want to share with all of your guests, it can come with some cons as well. Waiting means that you’ll need to add extra time to the events of the day for photos of just you and your groom, but with such a full day, it can leave you pressed for time and make it difficult to get all of the shots that you want. You will spend weeks or even months looking for perfect full figured wedding dresses, so why not take some extra time before the big day to capture it (and you and your fiancé) in all its glory?

Here are some of the biggest reasons you should consider taking bridal portraits before your wedding day:

You Will Have More Time to Get More Photos

You may have a schedule set for your wedding day, but if you sleep in, spend too long doing your hair and makeup, hit traffic and are running behind, or your timing is off for any other reason, it will eat into the time that you have to be able to take photos. Not only that, but the weather could turn, making it hard to get as many photos as you might like. By doing your bridals and photos with the groom before the big day, you’ll have hours to spend on location, getting as many shots as you want instead of rushing to get through them so that you can make it to the reception on time.

You Will Have More Time to Get Ready

On your wedding day, you’ll be getting ready as quickly as you can (without rushing too fast, of course) to have the time you need to to get to the venue, walk down the aisle, make it to the reception, etc. You won’t have tons of time for touch-ups or perfecting your look between events. When you do your bridals and photos with the groom before the wedding, though, you can spend hours in front of the mirror, getting everything done perfectly so that you look exactly how you want to in the photos you’ll have forever.

You Will Have the Chance to Practice Your Look for the Wedding

Practicing your hair and makeup are things you should be doing before the big day. You should practice them as many times as you need to get them down pat, and doing your bridal and photos with the groom before the wedding is just another great excuse to get practice. Whether you’re doing your hair and makeup yourself or are having someone else give you a hand, it’s always good to get it down before the big day rolls around.

You Will Be Able to Display Wedding Photos Right Away

When you take bridals and photos with the groom before your wedding day, you’ll have those portraits available to display at the wedding. Whether you do them a few days before, weeks before, or months before, you can ask your photographer to edit and give you a few copies that you can print and display around the reception venue. They can add to the décor you have and help people get a good look at your dress when they might not be able to in person.

In Conclusion

While it may not be traditional for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding, breaking with tradition and taking bridal portraits before the big day is worth it. Not only will you have extra time to get the photos that you want, but your photographer will also have the chance to capture the first look forever, you’ll be able to get photos to display at your reception, you’ll have extra time to perfect your look, and more.

Would you break with tradition to do your bridals before your actual wedding day?

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