10 Javascript Plugins that Skin and Beautify Web Forms

Written by Kevin Liew on 06 Jan 2010
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Alright, another post regarding web form, this time, it's javascript plugins that skin and beautify web forms. As a freelance designer, I found it quite frustrating to see different browsers render form elements differently. They don't look the same. We can skin the textbox and button easily, but form elements like drop down list, checkbox, radio button and file upload are pretty hard to customize it. You would need css and javascript skill to skin it.

In this post, I have found 10 javascript plugin that will able to skin the web form, they will look consistent in different browsers. Some of them skin the entire form elements and some of them skin only checkboxes and radio buttons. Anyhow, I think this is something good to know if your client want to spice up the webform a little bit more.

In this showcase, you will be able to get inspired by the creativity from other web designers.

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Tristan Gerard 14 years ago
Thanks for coding. I bookmarked your post. Thanks queness..
seo 14 years ago
thanx for javascript codes...
Jordan Walker 14 years ago
Very nice, thanks for the compilation.
SMiGL 14 years ago
Good collection. Thanks
Javascript Countdown Timer 14 years ago
very cool & good list, thank you very much for sharing.

Can I <a href="http://www.javascriptbank.com/submit/">share this post</a> on my JavaScript library?

Awaiting your response. Thank
Dumm 14 years ago
nice set of plugins. thanks!!!
lin04com 14 years ago
Good joob! Thanks.
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Robert 12 years ago
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