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Written by Kevin Liew on 01 Nov 2012
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I love experimental Javascript plugins. It's a glimpse of what javascript and css can do in the future. When you browse through the following examples, you will be amazed how javascript and css slowly taking over the throne of Adobe Flash. Thanks to the powerful browsers we have now, impressive animation and cool effect can be interpreted and processed quickly. One thing though, they are experimental, it means, it won't work on all the browsers (usually not IE), and also they are cool concepts, however, might not be practical for commercial use.

  • MenyMenyMeny is a three diemnsional and space efficient menu. Menu will be hidden on the left (can be positioned on any side of the screen) hand side, and when hovered or swiped on touch device, the menu will be displayed along with a cool 3D transition effect.
  • MakisuMakisuA very cool experimental CSS 3D dropdown menu. You can toggle the folding transition to hide and show the menu.
  • Tilt ShiftTilt ShiftA jQuery plugin that uses the CSS3 image filters to replicate the tilt-shift effect. This is a proof of concept and currently only works in Chrome & Safari 6.
  • RevealRevealReveal is a quite famous plugin to create a web based presentation with CSS 3D transform. The presentation can be controlled via swiping or the navigation control pad.
  • ForkitForkitAn experimental animated ribbon which reveals a curtain of additional content. You need to see the demo.
  • Scroll EffectsScroll EffectsA collection of very cool list scrolling effects. Though it's experimental only, it will work on Chrome/Safari/FF/iOS/Android 4.x.
  • ZoomZoomzoom.js is a proof of concept JavaScript API for zooming in on DOM elements or points. It just like iOS's tap and zoom to a specific part of a website.
  • Real ShadowReal ShadowjQuery Plugin that casts photorealistic shadows. Perfect for eye-catching demos and landing pages. Absolutely loving this effect.
  • LoaderLoaderA tiny jQuery plugin for displaying progress in a visual and engaging way. Instead of the traditional horizontal loading bar, why don't spice things up a little?
  • TurnJSTurnJS

In Queness, we love new and cool plugins. I think they deserve to be mentioned. Do you know of any cool plugins that would fit in this post? Let us know by dropping us a comment. We'll check it out.

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Pritesh Desai 11 years ago
These are simply brilliant!
I love jQuery. Thanks for sharing!