Redactor: Fantastic WYSIWYG editor on jQuery

Written by Kevin Liew on 29 Jun 2012
45,868 Views • Javascript


There a few online rich text editors online and they are features-packed and some are having minimum formatting tools. To be honest, I haven't found well-balanced editor yet until I found Redactor. Redactor is a beautiful, powerful and it is lightning fast to load! I have been using tinyMCE, but if you used it before, you know it is not "tiny" at all, in fact, it contains thousands of files!

Redactor in the other hand is compact and it has got all the features I need such as file upload, image upload, table and more importantly a set of API for customization. Also, it has some small but useful features as well such as responsive support and autoresize.


  • Awesome drag & drop files and images upload
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Many toolbar options
  • Various display modes
  • Source code view
  • Incredible fullscreen view
  • Autoresize as you type
  • Autosave utility
  • Multiple editors on the same page
  • API
  • Support and regular updates
  • Responsive layout compatible



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Neville Franks 11 years ago
Redactor looks good, but one thing that concerns me is that it doesn't sandbox the edtior in an iFrame like most other html editors do.

Have you seen wysihtml5 and if so any comments?
mehdi 10 years ago
the link download not working !!
SYarif 9 years ago
it is not free..
since when download is premium..