8 jQuery Image Sliders with Impressive Transition Effects

Written by Kevin Liew on 15 Feb 2012
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Javascript Image slider has successfully take over flash territory. Flash used to be the famous solution to make image slideshow because of its animation capability. These few years have been an exciting time for Javascript development, or maybe not, we should say it's a great year for jQuery framework and HTML5 and CSS3. The usage of jQuery framework has increased dramatically and thanks to the powerful browsers, it's possible to run sophisticated animation on a browser with Javascript. Besides that, the development of HTML5 and CSS3 have played an important role as well. More specifically, HTML5 Canvas and CSS3 3D transform have made the slider transition to a whole new level.

I managed to find top 8 image sliders with amazing and impressive transition effects. Almost all of them have more than 10 to 20 cool builtin animated transitions. Beware though, some image sliders are too advanced for your browser (especially Internet explorer) might not able to run it.

  • TN3Gallery Supported Transition: Fade, Slide, Blinds and Grid.
  • RoyalSlider RoyalSlider is responsive jQuery image gallery and content slider with touch support. It doesn't have too many fancy transitions, but all that he has look very smooth on desktop and mobile devices.
  • SkitterSkitterSupported Transition: cube, cubeRandom, block, cubeStop, cubeHide, cubeSize, horizontal, showBars, showBarsRandom, tube, fade, fadeFour, paralell, blind, blindHeight, blindWidth, directionTop, directionBottom, directionRight, directionLeft, cubeStopRandom, cubeSpread, cubeJelly, glassCube, glassBlock, circles, circlesInside, circlesRotate, cubeShow, upBars, downBars, hideBars, swapBars, swapBarsBack, random, randomSmart.
  • Wow SliderWow SliderSupported Transition: Blast, Fly, Blinds, Squares, Slices, Basic, Fade, Ken Burns, Stack, Stack vertical and Basic linear.
  • Slider.jsSlider.jsSupported Transition: Circles, squares, circle, diamond, vertical sunblind, vertical open, clock, horizontal open, horizontal sunblind, fade left, opacity, simple, zoom in, zoom out, flip, card flip, rotate and scale in, rotate and scale out, top fade, skew flip, left, top, oblique.
  • Flux SliderFlux SliderSupported Transition: bars, zip, blinds, blocks, concentric, warp, slide, swipe, dissolve, blocks2, bars3D, cube, tiles3D, blinds3D, turn.
  • Nivo SliderNivo SliderSupported Transition: sliceDown, sliceDownLeft, sliceUp, sliceUpLeft, sliceUpDown, sliceUpDownLeft, fold, fade, random, slideInRight, slideInLeft, boxRandom, boxRain, boxRainReverse, boxRainGrow, boxRainGrowReverse.
  • Avia SliderAvia SliderSupported Transition: diagonal blocks, winding blocks, randomized blocks, dropping curtain, fading curtain, fading top curtain, fullwidth fade slider, direction fade slider.
  • SliceBox SliderSliceBox SliderSupported Transition: Interesting, you can make your own transition by specifying slicesCount, disperseFactor, sequentialRotaion and sequentialFactor.
  • Smart GallerySmart GallerySupported Transition: fade in, blind, appear, fill in, explode, jumble, rising bars, falling bars, paint, diagonal, crunching bars, slide in.
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Mark Simchock 12 years ago
Yes, nice list. I've seen most of these. My question is, is there a library of such effects? Perhaps an open source project? I'm no javascript but since you typically only use one effect at a time on a given site the rest becomes code bloat. Why not chain (?) the effect into the plugin on an as needed basis.

One the reasons I'm asking is I'm teaching myself jQuery and working on an image "slider". I'd like to add a couple effects but from-scratch dev seems silly. There's got to be a library of such things, yes?
Kevin Liew Admin 12 years ago
Hi Mark, I know what you want, and it actually heaps of them out there! Check out this post, I've made a roundup about it.

Gabriel Dubois 12 years ago
Hi Kevin and everybody,
I am working on a template with a snow-board theme in mind and I would feature a custom-built image slider and I know it might be wrong to ask, but could you direct me to somewhere I could find some winter-sports/snow-boarding royalty free images? I will be selling the template and I wouldn't want to have to deal with purchasing the images (I am over my budget as it is). Since I am working from home, I am trying save up on the spending as much as I can (beginner freelance = opportunist) :-)
Thank you very much.
John 12 years ago
Hi Gabriel,
I may recommend a source where I always find free assets. You can check www.creattor.com. Just a simple search and certainly you will find tones of images about winter. Usually are free for commercial use, but I suggest you to read the license twice, because some of them could be only for personal use.
Vinit Pratap Singh 12 years ago
fantastic collection....
Neven Lovreković 12 years ago
Great collection, tnx!
Mj 12 years ago
Nice collection :D
also i know another nice one. check it out here : www.cuteslider.com
janser 12 years ago
muito bom os sliders.
Jared 11 years ago
Awesome collection, just what I needed! Thanks for putting these together in one spot.
por 11 years ago
Nice Collection! Cheer!
Jean-Paul 11 years ago
Good compilation.

Mind you that the link to slider.js is dead.

Here is a working link:
aliceli 11 years ago
Thank you, great collection…

I also found this one very useful jQuery slider creator and it’s totally free: http://www.hislider.com

It also supports ken burns effect… WYSIWYG & Full-Customise
aro 11 years ago
How can i donwload the slider, is if free.
天 10 years ago
dylantp 9 years ago
any slider library for svgs?