7 Amazing Interactive Infographics Created With HTML, CSS and Javascript

Written by Kevin Liew on 18 Jan 2012
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Infographics (Information graphics) are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics able to let us absorb the information in an effective way. In real life, we can easily find some in our surrounding, for example, maps, train route, signs and so on.

On the internet, we can find heaps of well-designed and educational infographics, on Queness, we also featured a few and including a post about how to make one:

However, in this post, we are not going to feature the common static and image based infographics. All infographics in this post are made with HTML, CSS3 and Javascript. We called it - Interactive Infographics. You can see animations, beautiful illustrations and interactivity that able to present all the data into meaningful informations.

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Ankur 12 years ago
cool designs as always :)
Carlos 12 years ago
Wow, I cant believe how interactive these infographics are! They are basically snippets of webpages with very cool vector art! I love this. Great work
psdbundle.com 12 years ago
wow, cant believe these are done in html, nice works
Michael Berg 12 years ago
You missed this one! http://mahifx.com/
Jonas 10 years ago
This is the right adress:
Carla Mackay 12 years ago
These are very cool designs.
Jake 12 years ago
Hey, you *definitely* need to check out this brand new interactive infographic at: http://answers.avvo.com/cosmetic-surgery!
Curious 11 years ago
These are great designs. I have no idea how much nice infographics would cost. How much would you estimate?
deadfishli 11 years ago
Those are simply amazing!!!
I am doing a project concering interactive infographics and I've never done anything like it. So I am wondering if anybody knows any ressources on how to create graphics like those above?
Help would really be appreciated!
Deepak 10 years ago