21 Extremely Beautiful Infographic Inspirations

21 Extremely Beautiful Infographic Inspirations

21 Extremely Beautiful Infographic Inspirations


A picture is worth a thousand words. Most of the time, I found that a complex idea can be conveyed easily with a single still image. Infographic is a good example. Infographic is a graphic representation of data, information and or knowledge. Take the movie - Inception as an example, (it's a really good movie by the way, you gotta watch it =) ) its concept is so radical and original, therefore, it's not easy to understand. Few days after that, I found an infographic about this movie and that pretty much explain everything (it's in this post)! Isn't it amazing?

Some infographics can be extremely useful to use it as references, for quality printing for infographic, postcards and flyers, you can use NextDayFlyers ;)

Need to to capture other critical, even useful images possibly worth more than "a thousand words"? You can via security cameras. Note other resources such as Information Security.

Author: Kevin Liew

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Wed, 8th September 2010
Amazing source of inspiration. Designing these are the hardest design jobs of all! I have tried. and failed.
thanks for sharing. :) Reply
Mon, 13th September 2010
thanks for sharing Reply
Getty Images Philippines
Tue, 14th September 2010
These designs make data and statistics look cool. Thanks! Reply
Fri, 4th February 2011
That's a great collection.
If you would like to boost your design process in seconds, check out this info-graphic design template: http://bit.ly/World-infographic Reply

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