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Make Cool Effect with CSS3 Animation Libraries

Web Development
05 Nov 2012
When it comes to animation, flash is being replaced by Javascript and CSS3. With CSS2, we can't really do much with it other than changing...

Create Web Based Window 8 Interface Quickly with Metro UI CSS

Web Development
22 Oct 2012
Metro UI CSS allows us to create Window 8 Interface quickly by using predefined css styles and markup. Similar to Twitter bootstrap, it has scaffolding...

8 Dummy Image Generators For Quick Layout

Web Development
21 Oct 2012
Something I discovered lately, we all should quite familiar with lorem ipsum dummy text generator, how about some dummy image generators this time. As a...

Integrate Google Map into Your Website Creatively! Plugins and Inspirations

Web Development
09 Oct 2012
 Google map has been available for a few years now and no doubt about it, Google has done a very good job in it with...

Create Your Own Trendy Parallax Website Layout

Web Development
02 Oct 2012
Apart form the pinterest dynamic fluid layout and big background image layout, parallax layout is still one of the trend in web design simply because...

Popular tools for website testing

Web Development
25 Sep 2012
Website testing is an essential activity. Web developer need to test the speed, usability and performance of website before the major launch or release of...

Create Pinterest Layout Easily and Use it Creatively

Web Development
18 Sep 2012
This famous layout is often called as dynamic fluid layout in web industry. This kind of layout consists of information blocks that rearrange itself, and...

Everything You Need to Create Full Screen Video And Image Website

Web Development
11 Sep 2012
Using a large background images or video for a website can easily create a good and memorable impression to your visitors. Large background websites often...

Useful CSS3 References and Online Generator Tools

Web Development
18 Jun 2012
I like online CSS generators, for example, CSS3 gradient generator's user interface. It always come with color pickers and generate all different CSS gradient codes...

18 Useful Twitter Bootstrap Goodies You Should Know

Web Development
29 May 2012
Twitter Bootstrap is a simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions. In this post, I have found many...

16 Essential Web Development Online Tools

Web Development
14 May 2012
 In this post, I have gathered 16 essential web development tools and they are being categorised into Javascript, CSS, Image Optimisation and misc. Pretty sure...

Everything You Need to Build A CSS3 Responsive Fluid Layout

Web Development
24 Apr 2012
Responsive layout uses CSS3 Media Query to target different screen resolution. Though it's not supported by IE6-8, but with some javascript, it can be easily...

18 Essential Chrome Extensions for Web Development

Web Development
18 Apr 2012
Based on the most recent usage share of web browsers, chrome has overtaken firefox and just a few percent behind Internet Explorer, but in fact,...

6 Free Javascript E-Book Worth Reading

Web Development
04 Apr 2012
I have gathered 6 free javascript ebooks for you! The one that caught my attention is "Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners", I do learn...