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Written by Kevin Liew on 01 Sep 2013
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Website development industry goes through changes at the blink of an eye. The technology and the trend that is in great demand today becomes a passé in no time.

If you are planning to develop a website for your business you need to be in sync with the latest trends to draw maximum mileage out of it. A dated website doesn’t earn you much accolade but can definitely hurt your brand value. Let us ponder upon some of the emerging trends in web development industry.

New Technologies

html5 and css3

It has been quite some time that HTML5 has been introduced in the market and developers are soon realizing the advantages that the new markup has over its predecessor. HTML5 is thus being extensive using in development of websites that are information as well as hook the audience. Along with it CSS3 is also being used and together these two technologies are talking us towards the best standards of Web 2.0

Responsive Layouts

responsive layout

You might not term it as an emerging trend but late into 2013 it remains one of the most popular trends when it comes to web development. Smartphones and tablets are substantially contributing web traffic and businesses are fast realizing the importance of tapping this segment of the visitors. Hence we see responsive design more of a standard web development technique than optional one. Professional developers can easily churn out a responsive site that behaves according to the user’s device and environment.

Website Builder Tools

Another trend that has emerged in the last few years and talking the market by quite a storm is the increasing use of online web builder tools such as IMCreator. This isn’t restricted to freelance web designers as some of the reputed firms are seeing this as an effective way of developing robust websites that meets the requirements of their clients. In fact these online tools have also come a long way compared to their predecessors which only allowed armatures develop basic websites with a few links here and there. Today web builder tools allow greater levels of customization in a website including creating a responsive website.

Large Photo Backgrounds

large photo background in web design

If you are short of content and have little to post on your website you can opt for large photo backgrounds. It used to be one of the trends in the initial days of web development that fell through once website started getting loaded with information. Many businesses are fast realizing the potential of this layout as a means to communicate message to their target audience instead of writing paragraphs of boring text. With research showing less than an average user spends 8 seconds on a website this is a great way of communicating information.

Single Page Layout

The essence of web development used to revolve around having interlinked pages but creating pages just for the sake of it offers little mileage. Instead many businesses are opting for single page website that effectively uses scrolling. You can have a single page website that contains all the information that you want to present to your target audience. This also works better in the mobile environment where users prefer scrolling on the same page than viewing multiple pages to gather information.


illustration in web design

Print media for long has used illustrations as a great means to communicate their message to the audience and now we are seeing extensive usage of illustrations in web development. These can be used in different ways to bring different moods in your website. This also serves as a great way for explaining your visitors about your products and services.

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