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3 Top Responsive Web Design Traps You Should Avoid

Web Development
24 May 2013
No designer can ignore the call of the mobile. Mobile is the wave of the future and there is a tremendous surge in website designs...

10 Powerful Responsive Lightboxes

Web Development
23 May 2013
Lightbox has always been one of the great method to display images without having to refresh a page. Nowadays, with the booming of responsive websites,...

Essential Elements of a High-Performance Online Shopping Cart

Web Development
08 May 2013
Anyone can build a shopping cart, but you need experience and expertise to build a high-performance shopping cart. Here, we take a look at the...

Pure CSS3 Navigation Menu Generators and Tutorials

Web Development
24 Apr 2013
Depend on how much time you have, we have found a few pure CSS3 menu generators and also a handful of online tutorials that will...

Tips For Improving Your Site Speed

Web Development
23 Apr 2013
What's more: designers are not the only ones catching on to the importance of site speed. Google factors site speed in its search engine rankings....

26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website

Web Development
10 Apr 2013
Indeed, it's a big project, it's a big decision making process, a lot of planning to do. Once it reaches to the stage

Trendy Responsive jQuery Sliders

Web Development
09 Apr 2013
There are hundreds of slider plugins out there, although premium Javascript sliders usually provide more features, however, some free and well-maintained sliders do have outstanding...

Why Use Twitter Bootstrap? Because I Said So

Web Development
27 Mar 2013
Most "Why Choose Bootstrap" posts focus on the framework; how easy it is to implement, how it can save you time, how customizable it is...

Metro User Interface Implementation and Resources

Web Development
09 Jan 2013
Metro is a new design language created for the Windows Phone 7 interface. Now, Metro concepts has propagated throughout a number of its products over...

5 Bookmarklets to Test Responsive Layout

Web Development
19 Dec 2012
Responsive design is a big bomb in web industry. If you are developing a responsive layout, the most common testing method to preview your website...

Make Cool Effect with CSS3 Animation Libraries

Web Development
05 Nov 2012
When it comes to animation, flash is being replaced by Javascript and CSS3. With CSS2, we can't really do much with it other than changing...

Create Web Based Window 8 Interface Quickly with Metro UI CSS

Web Development
22 Oct 2012
Metro UI CSS allows us to create Window 8 Interface quickly by using predefined css styles and markup. Similar to Twitter bootstrap, it has scaffolding...

8 Dummy Image Generators For Quick Layout

Web Development
21 Oct 2012
Something I discovered lately, we all should quite familiar with lorem ipsum dummy text generator, how about some dummy image generators this time. As a...

Integrate Google Map into Your Website Creatively! Plugins and Inspirations

Web Development
09 Oct 2012
 Google map has been available for a few years now and no doubt about it, Google has done a very good job in it with...