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The Beauty of Hand Drawn Elements in Design

Web Design
22 Aug 2012
Websites are by nature digital and boxy. They are shown on computers, which are as digital and boxy as they come. Cascading style sheets, called...

A Showcase of Free UI Kits and Elements

Web Design
12 Aug 2012
If you're anything like me, then designing a form is more of a hassle than it is a pleasure. While the larger designs, landing pages,...

UX Design - Taking Branding To A Whole New Level

Web Design
07 Aug 2012
Identicalness is the word to describe the current marketplace. Consumers are hardly connected to a particular brand; achieving brand loyalty has become quite challenging these...

8 Visually Impressive Javascript Powered Websites

Web Design
30 Jul 2012
With the fall of Flash, HTML, CSS and Javascript have became the best alternative solution to cater for both mobile and desktop users. Here in...

11 Minimal And Elegant Portfolio Page With Subtle Animation

Web Design
09 Apr 2012
We have spotted 11 portfolio websites with minimal design but still doesn't lack of its elegancy and interactivity to give you a wow factor. With...

Six Gestalt Principles In Web Design

Web Design
12 Jan 2012
You might not expect Gestalt psychology to have any relation to the field of web design, but the truth is that there is a relation...

Best Design Practices to Learn From Psychology

Web Design
22 Dec 2011
Psychology is a science that apparently has no connection to web design but the influences are too important not to observe! Yes, it’s true and...

4 Points the Web Designers Can Learn from Animals

Web Design
15 Nov 2011
The French sculptor Auguste Rodin once said: "beauty is everywhere. For our eyes, not lack of beauty, but lack of discovery." We live in a...

16 Inspirational Resources To Boost Your Creativity and Ideas

Web Design
02 Nov 2011
Here, I found a list of websites that will fill your hunger of inspirations and will able to rescue you from the design bottleneck. I'm...

31 FREE Progress and Loading Bars PSD Design

Web Design
12 Oct 2011
Our 7th series of Free PSD layout around the web! Progress bar isn't a common web element in web design, it's more common in flash...

25 Delicate FREE Tooltips And Cloud Tags PSD

Web Design
11 Oct 2011
Alright guys, our 6th series of free PSD collection. This time, we focus on tooltips and tags. Tag cloud is a common navigation method in...

33 FREE Well-Designed Navigation Menu PSD

Web Design
27 Sep 2011
 Our 5th series of free psd file, we have collected 33 free psd menu layout. Navigation menu is the most important element in a website....

21 FREE Web Forms PSD Layouts

Web Design
20 Sep 2011
G'day, today our FREE psd will be focus on forms. It's important to keep form design simple and easy to understand. In this post, I...

30 FREE Stylish and Decorative Ribbons, Stickers and Badges PSD for Web Designers

Web Design
13 Sep 2011
 This time, I have collect total of 30 ribbons, stickers and badges PSD files, they are all free and available for download.