Social Kit - Free Photoshop Plugin for Latest Social Media Templates

Written by Kevin Liew on 27 Jan 2014
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Social media is one of the important marketing media to reach out to potential customers. Companies are really putting efforts to make it display nicely. So, it's designer's job to make sure the design and branding looks good on social media too.

Here we have a great photoshop plugin called Social Kit. Social kit, once installed it will give you the latest editable social media templates. No more create your own manually by taking screenshot. You will get full editable layers, masking, social profiles page and pages. Social Kit currently support 4 social networks - Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google+.

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Ashwin 10 years ago
Hi! I downloaded SocialKit and installed. I have edited the facebook profile page as required. Now how do I update them on my Facebook account? Thx!:)
Kevin Admin 10 years ago
Hi Ashwin, you need to slice it out using slice tool in photoshop.